Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nothing Much

Tim and I have settled in to a Saturday night routine. I work, am off at 2, come home, tackle some project, and then we clean up and walk downtown to the Pizza Hut, where Tim orders a medium pizza and I order the salad bar.

We live on such an interesting street. Today we saw a little girl cuddling her beloved guinea pig. I had a guinea pig as a child. We stopped to talk to her and it tickled me to hear the guinea pig making his little guinea pig noises. I fed him a piece of grass and marveled at his carefully painted pink toenails.

We continued on, down past the huge old church that has been converted to what? An apartment building? We really don't know, but are intrigued.

A shopping cart had been abandoned on the sidewalk, several blocks from the grocery store, so we pushed it back to the store, since we were headed that way.

We did some shopping, and then ate our supper and headed back home. We discovered a red squirrel in a hav-a-hart trap and we stopped to talk to the home owners, for two reasons. One is that we are truly up to our eyeballs in red squirrels and they are destructive. Now that we live in town, well, they frown on shooting them, as Tim did when we lived out in the woods. We bought two traps, but have not caught a one, so we wanted to learn their squirrel trapping techniques. We also wanted to tell them that we have a friend out in the woods who loves red squirrels and has offered to take any that we manage to catch because he love to watch them frolic.

It was a pleasant night, nothing much going on, just pleasant. A good day for a salad, a good day for a walk, a good day for meeting new friends.

There's also a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, which sounds temperamental, in addition to being unfortunately named.


Hal Johnson said...

Debby, your namesake storm made for a long day today!

Jayne said...

What a lovely evening stroll :)
I'm trying to get into salads in the middle of winter, you're helping :)

BUSH BABE said...

HAH - just left a FB message with the same observation!

Your routine sounds lovely.

Now I feel like pizza.

BUSH BABE said...
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Anonymous said...

Lota of rain and wind here south of Tampa, we do need the rain since the water table is so low that we are seeing lots of sink holes in the area.

Kelly said...

I'm just hoping your namesake will bring us some much-needed rain!

Bob said...

Boy do we need the rain here too.

The named is even spelled right!

Mary in Florida said...

Lots of moderate rain here in Central Florida so far this Sunday. I'm loving it! We need it, and as long as nothing more destructive happens, bring it on!!!

quid said...

Debby is nothing like Debby.

See m'blog for my storm damage. Big time water and wind.