Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Sayin'

I get confused sometimes on why things are considered newsworthy. F'rinstance, that Rielle Hunter. Now, what person gives a rat's patootie about what that woman thinks? She had an affair with a married man while his wife was ill with cancer. She refers to that man's wife as 'being in denial' and being "a bitch on wheels". Sorry, but I'm of the opinion that Elizabeth Dole had every reason to be mad. It happens. Rielle, honey, when you act like a heartless, selfish person, you will piss people off. I also got to say this: You have just put your 'lover' in the position of choosing between his children and you. You're publicly slamming their dead mother, while hinting at the possibility of continued romance between their father and yourself. If only the good die young, well, you're destined for immortality.

And then there's this: John Meyer is humiliated by Taylor Swift. He's spent a lot of time embarrassing women, breaking their hearts, making stupid public statements that are surely embarrassing to them, and not giving one iota about that. What goes around comes around. He was a young man very on track with a red hot career, and then tripped over his own ego. Kind of sad that he never had a momma to jerk him up straight and tell him to get over his big headed self.

This stuff is celebrity gossip, and I'm not going to say anything against people who are interested in that stuff. I fully realize that for someone who doesn't give that proverbial rat's patootie, well I seem to know a lot about the subjects.

Ironic, yes?

No, actually.

These are CNN stories, and my question is "Why?" CNN needs to stick to the news. If I want to hear about these folks, I'll go to some breathless, stuperficial night time entertainment program.

Okay. *puts soapbox away*

"Just stooooopid. Lots of newsworthy stuff in the world, don't know why..."


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, but I'm of the opinion that Elizabeth Dole had every reason to be mad." .....and Elizabeth Edwards had every reason too!!!!

Debby said...

Anonymous - I stand corrected. Scary part? This was written like...three days ago. Still missed that.

*rolls eyes*

I really do trip over the most obvious stuff.

BUSH BABE said...

Have you just posted up a heap of blogs or am I going mad? Don't answer that... loved them all.

Am sure you do amazing work - and will ALWAYS make a difference. A work ethic is something to be proud of - and it feels good too. Perhaps those fellow workers who need to will pick that up and lift to feel it too?

Hugs for the rough stuff.


BUSH BABE said...

PS I have no idea about Elizabeth whoever... apparently it doesn't matter!!

Debby said...

BB: you are mad, but you're also right. I've done a lot of posting lately.

Dawn said...

I so agree with you, Debby. I used to turn the morning news shows on, but I just can't stand to watch them any more!

WhiteStone said...

I agree...some real sleazy stuff being passed off as "news". Headline news. As for that woman...well, she's living in fantasy land, fantasizing herself into "true love".