Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's not that I haven't been doing anything...

I thought possums were supposed to play dead when they feel threatened?  The one in our hav-a-hart trap did not, hissing and snapping his little sharp teeth. And then I couldn't get him out of the trap. Finally had to turn it on end and shake him out. He scootled off in a quick manner to the woods without a backward look, but at least he did not attack. I also discovered that I can take up a defensive position behind a car in pretty in pretty short order.

I've stopped looking for Marty and the DeLorean. Turns out that he won't be here until October 21st, 2015. Disappointing. I wanted the future right nnnnnnoooooooowwwww!!!

I spent time with William. We came up with a little song. "If you're poopy and you know it, clap your hands, if you're poopy and you know it, clap your hands. If you're poopy and you know it, well your pants will surely show it, if you're poopy and and you know it clap your hands." We may market that little ditty to men who dress in primary colors. In any case, there was a whole lot of clapping going on, and at one point, Cara was screaming. It looked as if the child had exploded.

I spent time with Cara too. She came home for a visit. We went to the Thai-Chinese restaurant, and she had Drunken Chicken which was so good I'm going to try making it at home. We went to the thrift store and found some wonderful books. We began looking at things for her new apartment. I felt like we talked, really talked, for the first time in a long time. That was a bit of a relief.

I watched Charlie Chaplin in 'The Circus' and laughed until I could scarcely breathe. Oh my goodness, what fun. I also watched 'Brothers' and it made me a little sick inside, even though it ended, as Cara promised it would, "on a hopeful note".

It's been quite a week, dealing with both ends of the circle of life, grieving and rejoicing, and dealing with the stuff that comes in the middle, including another cold, my second since starting work.

I have to schedule my certification exam for OT. I have to get cracking on the studying. I'd like to have that done by summer's end.

We've company coming from North Carolina over the week of the fourth, and I am looking forward to that.


BUSH BABE said...

Say 'hey' to Cara for us... love the Happy/Poopy song. Is Brianna impressed? LOL.

Grieving? Another exam? Huh.

Debby said...

Poor Brianna walked in while her sister was showering. She was going to wait for Cara. I decided to take advantage of that time to take a possum out to the woods. It wound up taking me longer than I thought it would, since he was a stubborn possum who would not leave the trap. I shook him out, finally, terrified that he would dash up my arm and bite my face off. (They look so awful, hissing and snapping their teeth...) In any case, by the time that I got home, she'd left, with William. I thought she was staying for lunch.

Sometimes I think that things get a little hectic around here.

Jayne said...

You need some of our timid possums, how about I ship an even 60 dozen of the breeding sort over, just for starters? :P