Monday, June 18, 2012

Cara Graduates! (Finally)

The 'finally' in the title does not indicate that it took Cara forever to graduate, but that it took this long for me to upload the pictures. We've had some troubles with the internet. It has been slooooooowwww!

 Cara approaches the stage as her name is called.
She receives her diploma with a big smile.
See all the cords?
Magna cum laude.
High Honors, history.
Honors courses.
 She does a bit of glad handing with one professor...
 ...and then another
 She comes off the stage and looks for her family in the crowd.
 She finds us and notes that her brother is the one taking the pictures.
Great news.
Oh, happy day.
My picture taking skills are legendary in this family.
(This is not a good thing.)

 Dylan and Brittani got a new Canon for their trip to London and Paris this fall, and really, I don't think that anything this gentleman snaps will be better than the pictures Dylan took.
 The young lovers post graduation.
Portrait of a young mother. With my grandbaby.
Probably the highlight of the day was that while we were taking family photos, who walked by but Dr. Frakes, a professor that Cara thought a great deal of, her advisor and mentor. He stopped to shake her hand and congratulate her personally, and we got a picture of the auspicious moment. It was perfect. 


Hal Johnson said...

Great pics! Thanks. And congratulations to Cara!

KarenTX said...

Yay, Cara!!! Yay, parents!!! My daughter graduated in May and my son had graduated last December! Yay Me! LOLOL

jeanie said...

Well done Cara!! (and mum for getting her to a place where she could see graduating as an option :) )

Kelly said...

Good to see the pictures - finally! (just kidding you). Seriously, I know you're proud. :)

My younger daughter finished her Master's in History in May. No walking, so no photos.

All the best to Cara as she continues her education!

Jayne said...

Oh, that is wonderful, congratulations to Cara and how lovely for her favoured lecturer to wish her well like that :)

Scotty said...

Great pictures, Debby, and hearty congratulations to Cara.


BUSH BABE said...

Yay - now I can picture everyone properly during this amazing event. Congrats to all, hope you wallowed in the joy and pride.