Thursday, May 10, 2012


Bob made a very nice comment on my last post. I'm moving on, but I'm really going to miss my coworkers at the Tractor Supply. I've enjoyed working there, and I will say what I have always said: that the employees were great fun, and the customers...well...they're a different customer base than I've ever dealt with before. I have come to believe that this is because they are farmers, or animal lovers, and that this is what sets them apart. Truly, I believe that I can honestly count the number of awful customers I've had on just two hands. That's after two years. They are a good people, solid and grounded, and a lot of fun. I will miss them too.

But Bob closed his comment with: "Hopefully the touching, heartfelt stories of your new endeavors won't stop. And as long as you keep writing 'em, I'll keep reading 'em."

You know, in my new field, I am surrounded by stories, powerful stories. Some really great stuff out there. Working with the population that I've worked with, I've become privy to stories that are great cautionary tales, or stories to make you look at people differently. Stories that make me go, "Hmmmm." Stories that illustrate and underscore questions in my own life. Enlightening stories. Optimistic stories. Sad stories. Holy cow. I'm up to my eyeballs in stories so rich and wonderful that they have changed my own life.


...I cannot tell them. It would be a violation of patient confidentiality.

How does a story teller deal with this? It's confounding sometimes. I'll find myself listening, enthralled, but all the while, I am so very aware that the story is not mine to tell, that no matter how much the world would benefit from hearing such a story, I cannot tell it.


Bill of Wasilla said...

Take up fiction. Then you can tell them.

Debby said...

Oh, Bill! Straight to the heart of it, as always!

BTW, I sent someone to your blog.

Mrs. Spit said...

You are a story teller. It's in your bones.

You'll find a way to do it that honours the letter of the law, but more than that, you'll find a way to do it that honours the person. That's why I read.

Laura Jane said...

thats MY problem too Debby.

I hate not sharing the many wonderful stories I am part of every day, but unfortunately there are VERY strict rules about our line of work, and our conduct/misconduct in relation to our daily practice.

And they don't hesitate to sack people because of it. True Story.


jeanie said...

I used to read a blogger who is a therapist. Her way of relating stories were never personal and talked about the broader theories and requirements.

I know it will be hard - but you can manufacture a story about the ride to work or, to steal a line, two flies crawling up a wall - and we will read and smile and nod.

BUSH BABE said...

Where there is a will... I like Bill's idea. So many inspirational people. You will find a way. Congrats again on your new job. ♥ BB

quid said...

It is difficult. I learn so many stories and can't tell them due to confidentiality. Still, they warm my heart.