Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In celebration of Dads

You know, this slays me. He's fathered 30 children, and wants us to give him a break because he works a minimum wage job. To my way of thinking, the young man needs to get a couple more minimum wage jobs. It would appear that he has way too much free time on his hands. My next thought is: just who are these women who take a look at Mr. 'God's Gift to Women' and think, "I want to make a baby with this man"? They're all stupid as rocks. I've tried to see it in a gracious way, and I cannot. These are hugely stupid people and they are rocking the gene pool even as we speak.

Speaking of stupid, here's another one that has me shaking my head. I keep trying to reason this one out. The guy looks like a Ken doll, which isn't a crime, I suppose, but, really, if you look at his plastic-looking face, and his plucked eyebrows, and his earrings and...well...his appearance just sort of creeps me out. I look at these Kardashian girls who are stupid and self absorbed, superficial, vain...I mean I've never watched their show, but the only thing that these girls seem to be capable of is promoting themselves. What do any of them do? What is their contribution to society? And the patriarch of this family is father of the year. Maybe he shares his make up with them.

Both these stories leave a bad taste in my mouth. Really...I need to hear some inspiring stories. Send me your links please.


jeanie said...

Well, apart from Queensland winning the first State of Origin last night, I can't find anything in our news!! There is a gorgeous sunrise here this morning, however.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Someone needs to tie the first guy's bags in a knot and, after looking at the picture, I couldn't read the second one.

I won't send a link, but if tomorrow moring I succeed at blogging what is in my mind right now, it might help cheer you a bit.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Well, I didn't get the post up this morning, but I got it up just now and I know you will be interested in it.