Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comings and Goings.

For those of you who do not do the facebook thing, I got a job with the facility that I so wanted to be a part of. It is not the job that I ultimately hope to have, but I am working where I want to work, and I will be watching closely for the hiring freeze to end, because there is an empty spot that has not been filled in the OT department.

I very carefully counted the days up, to make sure that I gave TSC a full two week notice. On my way home from my job interview, I stopped in to hand in my notice.

It is kind of sad really. This has been a pleasant job, for the most part, but despite the complaints (my complaint to corporate was followed up by complaints from a number of co-workers), nothing was done. No employee was contacted. Everyone kind of assumes at this point, that because our store is profitable, no action will be taken. It is very disappointing, and morale is low.

The employee bulletin board has a flier about our company hotline, about our ethics, about respect, about our 'team' mentality, about how we listen to each other, help each other, etc. etc. Now I know that it is just words. So does everyone else. There is a methodical plodding through the job, by everyone really.

You know, I knew that I would be leaving my job, but I never expected to be so relieved. Sad, isn't it?


ellie k said...

That is so wonderful, I prayed for you to get the job that would fulfill you and make a difference in other peoples life. Good news always makes the day better.

Kelly said...

Well I'm glad to get the confirmation (I'm one of those "I don't do FB" folks)! I assumed as much from your Booyah text. (did you get my reply to that?)

I have to admit I'll miss the Tractor Supply stories, but you're headed in the direction you're meant to go now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great news Deb. Congratulations! You are in your area of choice. It is the beginning you wanted and I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you aspire to there.

Best wishes for the future
Love Barbx

Coralee said...

CONGRATULATIONS -- a well deserved 'gift' -- earned through hard work and dedication -- a shining example of what can be!

I will also miss the TSC stories, they touched my emotions in many ways. TSC can only guess at what a great ambassador they are losing.

Best wishes for your future, I'm sure it's going to be rewarding.

A Novel Woman said...

My daughter went through this. Because she was low on the totem pole, no one listened to her. It took a while for someone in corporate to take action, but not until after a lot of good people quit, but eventually justice was done. It just took time. The sad thing was losing so many good people because of one bad boss.

BUSH BABE said...

As you already know, I DO do FB... and very excited for you. Sad about the end of the TS job - you WERE so happy there earlier on. Human dynamics are an interesting (frustrating) thing!!

Bob said...

Congrats . . . I'm in the "don't do FB" crowd so appreciate you thinking of us.

There are good and bad things about all jobs. As I have tried to teach my kids, you will ALWAYS work with difficult people; you can can't on it.

Remember the good things about Tractor Supply. So many good stories and memories. Everyone should work retail at some time in their lives. You learn so much about people.