Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sorry for the silence. Since I have finished with school, I've been working around the house, and enjoying it. I've also had a lot more time to socialize. We've had company five times this week. I enjoyed that too. To be able to sit down and have relaxed discussions with other people is a luxury that I have not had in quite some time. I needed that.

Tim and I have been working side by side, and you know what? We needed that too. Somewhere along the line, I seem to have become quite handy with a paint brush. We worked together at one of the apartments to get three rooms edged, so that he could roll them out while I was at work. We put laminate flooring down. We talked and talked. My new job will be on second shift too (I requested that shift), so that we will have much more time together. I'm looking forward to that. We have been the proverbial two ships passing in the night for far too long.

Next Saturday, Cara graduates. The family will convene in Clarion. The Saturday after that is my graduation. I don't care about going to it, much to Cara's frustration. It's been a long time that I've been tied down. Going to school, doing school work, working. Before that, I was pretty much confined due to the health situation. Right now, I am free. I have this small block of time, and I am going to take it. Tim and I will be going to Allentown to see Dylan and Brittani for two days. That's more valuable to me than graduation. All I ever wanted was that piece of paper. I'll take a miss on the pomp and ceremony.

That's it really. I'm just caught up life, right now. Participating in it. There is so much that I've been meaning to do. Rachel and I need to go walking. I always meant to do that. I have a bag that I need to get to the nursing home. I'll see if Brianna wants to go see 'Mouse Trap' with me at the local theater. Life is very rich right now. I'm enjoying it. I've worked hard enough. I deserve it.

My Tractor Supply stories:

A woman came in. I recognized her, but could not place where I knew her from. Still can't. She spoke like she knew me, and we talked. I handed her the bag and wished her a good day. She stood stock still. "It's too late for that," she said. "I just picked up my daughter's cremains this morning."

What do you say to that?

A troop of older fellows came into the store, single file, and I said, "My gosh! This is just like a parade!" And one of them said, "We're all ex-military." I gave them a look, and said, "Dear heavens. Are we being taken over?" They laughed, and I decided that it would be an amiable military coup, so I simply got out of the way, telling them to carry on. They came to the register with a pile of pieces and parts. They were building something. They were all Navy and Air Force veterans. I represented the Army. We all thanked each other for our service, and out the door they went.

Finally, we had the 4-H putting on a party in the parking lot. There were horse and pony rides. There was goats, a turkey, a calf who decided that he'd had all the fun he could possibly have in a parking lot, and was ready to go home to his own pasture. He bellowed and bellowed. He bellowed so much that we had customers coming in from the movie theater. They'd heard the cow, thought "What the h--- is going on down there?" and walked over to see. It was a beautiful day for the activities. There were hotdogs to be bought, pop to be drank, cookies to be eaten. At one point, I went out to grab carts. I waited for a horse to pass. It was being led by a very patient girl, and the little boy perched high atop it was giving her a piece of his mind: "And you will NOT eat that calf, right? RIGHT?....." and she smiled sweetly and said nothing.

I'm going to miss that job. But there is so much looming on the horizon that I am not sorry to be going.


Bob said...

And we will miss the stories. But there will now be a new place with new stories. Storytellers always find stories.

Good for you for skipping graduation. I am all for celebrating passages and accomplishments, but graduations, especially college ones, are overrated. The one who is graduating should get to make the call and that is the call you are making. Good for you.

I did the same thing at the end of law school. The law school graduation was on a Sunday morning, then we were supposed to walk with the whole university that afternoon. After three years I had been set free from that place so why I on earth would I spend an entire Sunday thinking back on it?!

I opted out as my graduation gift to myself. I have never regretted it.

Anonymous said...

Debby, Im really gonna miss all your TSC stories and can relate to them so much that I know your new stories wont interest me as much but I will keep reading your daily blog anyway. Gees, I realized after we saw you at the store yesterday that I probably wont ever be "running into you" again , so hope I do see you someplace like Walmart or the Fair! Have a great summer! Debbie L.

Kelly said...

I skipped my graduation, too, and never regretted it. My younger daughter was required by the school to go to hers or she would have done the same, but she's skipping her MA graduation this month.

I'm with'll have lots of new stories for us with your new job.

Nancy's Point said...

My, you are one busy woman. How do you manage it all?

Congrats on your daughter's graduation and on yours as well. I never went to mine either. No regrets. I wanted the degree, not the fanfare.

Glad you are getting caught up with life. Good luck with all new adventures!