Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I Want for Graduation

You know, a couple posts back, people asked what I wanted for graduation. I was surprised, really, because I didn't even think of such a thing. What I want for graduation is a diploma and a job. That's all, and it's darned hard to gift wrap.

I'm at an enviable place in my life. I have everything I've ever wanted, as far as stuff goes. I don't need (or want) anything.

But know what? There is a 71 year old man. His name is Brian. He is an amazing man who takes part in the Laurel Run fundraiser. He is looking for sponsors right now, and if you were to walk up to him, he'd whip a pencil and a sign up sheet and tell you all about his plans. He is funny. He is busy. He gets up at 4:30 each morning and sets the table for breakfast in his group home. He goes about his business, and his business is staying busy. He's always doing something, and he will tell you that he's a man who likes to be doing things.

In his spare time, he likes to watch television in his room while he makes placemats to auction off at the fundraiser. He likes the Waltons. He comes from a small family, and he does not see his brother, and that is the only time that I've seen a shadow cross his face. He is a happy soul. It pleases him to be busy and doing things for others, and he is quite proud of his fundraising efforts.

There it is, really. If you want to give me something, consider sponsoring my friend Brian or donating to this cause. If you want to donate directly to my friend, I will make sure that your name gets written down on the sheet that he carries in the pocket of his apron everywhere he goes. I will give him your money.

It would make his day. Mine too.


Scotty said...

Count me in, Debby, just lemme know where to send the money...

BUSH BABE said...

You are sweet... of course, I will probably still get you something. I rarely take good advice.

Bill of Wasillail said...

I can't donate to anyone, right now, but please give him a pat on the back from and say,

"well done, young man!"