Sunday, April 29, 2012

Small moment at the Tractor Supply

Today, at Tractor Supply, I noticed an old man. "Mary!" he called, walking down the aisle, turning his head this way and that. He had lost his wife, and he seemed a little frightened by that. Later, I saw them again. She had a severe case of scoliosis, bent almost double at the waist, and I watched her picking one can of dog food at a time off the shelf.

She hobbled to the front of the store with her husband shuffling along at her side. At the register, Heather waited on them, and they talked pleasantly with her, once laughing loudly at some joke. Despite their infirmities, they could both appreciate the joys of life. I continued taking down the sales signage, ticking things off my list, and watched them walking slowly out together, and my heart was touched.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I love to be around people who love what they have and who they are with; amazing isn't it?

BUSH BABE said...

Each and every one of these moments deserve to be savoured... I love that you share them.

quid said...

I see little love scenes like this one every week at the world famous cancer center. There is nothing more relevant or touching than a couple's devotion to each other after many years.