Friday, April 27, 2012


Today was spent applying for jobs. I received a very enthusiastic call from a 'head hunter', one with an obnoxious voice, sounded like a big phoney, like a used car salesman. I will call him back on Monday, returning home too late to return the call today. But he tells me that "there are BIIIIIIIIIIIG opportunities for me here." That remains to be seen. I just mistrust people with voices like that. Hope that I am wrong.

I drove to the big city today for my mammogram. It was overdue by about six months, but I didn't sweat it too much because I'd had a PET scan in August. The last two mammograms that I'd had were done locally, and it was scary, because they both were deemed suspicious, which required a second opinion. This time, I just went for the second opinion first, hoping to avoid the stress that happens as you wait for the follow-up, trying hard to convince yourself that it is nothing, knowing full well that there was that one time that you tried hard to convince yourself that it was nothing, only it wasn't nothing, and you spent the next six months scared witless. Hard to explain, really, unless you've ridden that particular roller coaster before. The woman was very nice, explained to me that the scan would be compared against previous scans but also viewed with CAD (Computer Aided Detection) which sees subtle changes that the human eye might miss. My appointment was at nine, and because I live an hour and a half away, I left early, to allow myself extra time, just in case. I got there shortly after 8:15 and was headed back home by 9.

I got Tim off to work, and I looked for OTA jobs, applied for two, and then went to the bank. I stopped at the thrift store, and found a beautiful set of cobalt blue pyrex mixing bowls. I also bought a leatherbound volume containing three 'Avonlea' stories. I've got two girls who are Anne fans, and so am I. I also bought myself a couple pair of jeans, a leather Ralph Lauren purse, and a book. The card in my wallet gave me a 50% discount, and I've been looking for a reason to use it for a couple months now, and I really wanted those bowls. I spent $14.44.

It's been sort of dreamlike time. Freed from the stress of school, I've been able to focus on making nice meals for my husband (cream of potato soup today), cleaning house, and reading for pleasure once again, even doing a little shopping (mostly browsing though). I've played in the dirt, and planted the beginnings of an herb garden (hopefully it has not been killed by the unseasonable cold). Yesterday, I stretched out to read a book and I ended up taking a half hour afternoon nap. It has felt nothing short of luxurious.

Pete, from work, had given me a box of books, and I've had the best time reading his eclectic choices. I read an English mystery from the 50s, and travel guides from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Shephall, The Meetinghouse at Jordans, all in England, and Kirkwall in Scotland. The Spoon River Anthology, The Education of Little Tree. There is still quite a stack of books to tempt me: Ivanhoe, The Lives of a Cell, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. It's been interesting to read for pleasure again, to pick up a book and just read it because I love it.

It's also given me quite new view of Pete. I see that some of the books are purchased from the Baltimore County Library system, and surprisingly, I have a number of books of my own from that same library group, back from when I lived in Essex, Md. One of the books in the box was The Snow Goose, which I already have. It made me cry the first time that I read it and it made me cry when I read it again, all these years later. So now I want to ask Pete about his time in Baltimore County, and when was he there, and where did he live when he was there?

People are interesting, and it is wonderful, once again, to get a chance to visit with them, to get to know them, to laugh, and to share. I've got a list of people to have over to supper, and it is such a satisfaction to find my time freeing up so that I can do just that. It is a shock to realize just how much my life has veered out of my control between cancer, and then school. Once again, I have time to look around me, and to appreciate, to enjoy, and savor. I'm so very glad for this time.


Bob said...

Reading for pleasure . . . there are few greater joys in life!

Kelly said...

Ooooo....cobalt blue Pyrex??? I've never seen any and it sounds lovely!