Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maya Angelou

I did get myself to Clarion with no real problems. This blast of winter weather was very interesting. F'rinstance, we had no snow at our house. None. Not even a dusting. Zippo. Nuthin'. Yet just a couple miles away, at the old house, we had a foot of it. There were so many downed trees in that part of the county that we had a man come in to buy his first ever chainsaw. He figured that it would take too long to get someone to come help him removed those trees. They had 'leafed out', and the heavy snow had laid so heavily on the branches that trees collapsed and snapped under the weight. My friend Karen did not have power for over 12 hours. Yet our house...nuthin'.

I talked with Cara, and Clarion was gray with swirling flakes, but nothing was sticking to the ground, same as here, so I set off. I ran into one 'snow zone' (for lack of better words), but the roads were wet, not snowed covered.

I got to Clarion, and discovered that Maya Angelou canceled just after I arrived. Not because of the weather. Her bus broke down. Ironic.

It was fun, anyway. I baked pepperoni rolls and watched videos. Cara felt badly that it was such a boring night. I was surprised that she still hasn't figured out that I'm a low key sort of person. I enjoyed the evening very much.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip and still had a good time, but sorry you didn't get to hear Maya Angelou.

jeanie said...

Bonus - an unexpected evening in with Cara!!!