Thursday, April 26, 2012


A man who took frequent business trips was usually met at the airport by his family. This time, however, his wife was unable to meet him due to the time he was flying back, so he drove his car to the airport, and drove himself home when his plane landed in the middle of the night, after flying through some pretty heavy weather.

He was frazzled and tired, and his drive home was no piece of cake either. He couldn't wait to climb into his own bed. Unfortunately, once home, he discovered his whole family sound asleep in his bed where the kids had apparently run for refuge at the height of the weather. He sighed a big sigh, but took himself off to one of the kid's rooms and slept in that bed for the night.

The following morning, he was greeted excitedly, and they all sat down to have breakfast. Daddy explained that it was well and good to sleep with mommy sometimes when the weather was bad, but on the days when he was coming home, he'd rather they did not sleep in his bed. His children listened attentively.

Arriving home after his next business trip, his family met him at the huge and packed New Jersey airport. His youngest caught sight of him accross the crowded concourse and bellowed, "Daddy!!! And guess what? This time, nobody slept with mommy while you were gone!"

He said the concourse got noticeably quieter as everyone tried to figure out who his wife was.

That's it really. Going to bed early.

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Thanks for the laugh!