Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Allegheny Tale Spinners

I was invited to become a charter member of a story telling group, and tonight was our first meeting. The invite came from a person I knew, someone who'd worked with the Conservation District when I worked there. I went, and I was prepared to feel awkward, but there was my tall friend, Tree, from the gas station I worked with a long time back. There was another man there, and he talked freely. He is looking for a publisher for his book about the Revolutionary War. And then Karin showed up, from the play that we had been in. It was almost like a reunion.

It is pretty cool, really. I sat there listening to the pleasant conversation winding around me and I just had this sense of joy. I haven't had the time for a long time to simply do something for the fun of it. Just because I wanted to do it.

The question came: "What did we want to be?" My answer came quickly: "I am surrounded by stories, and I want to tell them." No one laughed. Everyone else was there for the same reason, and it was an awesome feeling.

Our words spun and intertwined, and began to weave our little group together. We are a work in progress, and it will be neat to see where it all goes.


Anonymous said...

It is so great to see you in what I think is your right place Deb - with your occupational therapy career and now this. They both sound like a perfect 'fit' to me.
Well done! Love Barbx

jeanie said...

Its nice when you are with people who get you! Love your stories.

ellie k said...

Your life seems to be just falling into place, God is so good and wants you to enjoy life and take time to smell the roses now.

BUSH BABE said...

Those pieces you threw so high in the air (in that wonderful blog post you did a little while ago) ... all falling EXACTLY where they should.

Makes me happy for ya.

Kelly said...

This sounds like such a fun group to be a part of - and perfect for you!!!