Monday, March 19, 2012

The Weekend.

It was a perfect weekend, really. Very warm. We threw open the windows and doors and the breeze blew through the house for the first time. When I went to bed, I did not use the electric blanket. Sunday, we worked in the yard, while I took stock of my garden. There are lots of spring flowers coming up there, and interesting plants growing, but I cannot tell whether they will be actual garden plants, or simply weeds with interesting leaves. We had a loud and raucous thunderstorm yesterday, which was great. Brianna and William came over to visit while we worked, and William got his little feet muddy. We all came inside and I made a couple homemade pizzas which we ate as William the windmill waved his hands and grabbed at everything. He's a lively little squirrel, and his baby chuckles are just delicious! When they were gone, the house seemed empty. I cleaned the kitchen, and swept up the flour from the floor. The thunder rumbled off in the distance. The evening breeze blew through the house. I daydreamed as I always do, about this house, about the other storms it has weathered, and other babies who played on the hardwood floors, and what became of them.


jeanie said...

Sounds like a truly beautiful weekend.

Kelly said...

Your contentment just radiates from this post. I'm so happy for you, Debby!

Cara said...

Is he walking now?!

Debby said...

Technically, no, but he could be. He's steady on his little feet, good balance, walks while holding on to things. Brianna says he takes a few steps when he wants something very badly, but then suddenly realizes he's walking and plops down. He was scooting like crazy in his little walker, though.

BUSH BABE said...

And that William knows where it's at. Once people start EXPECTING him to walk, the baby show is OVER.