Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today at the Tractor Supply

It's chick time again at the local Tractor Supply. We get baby chicks in, and baby ducks too. They are so cute, and I love their little peeps. They are a popular attraction to the little kids, and I tell them all when they come in, "Make sure you go back and take a peek and the baby chicks and the ducklings before you go." Some parents bring their children in just to watch them for a while. Cheep entertainment. Cheep. Get it? Oh, I crack myself up.

Anyways a father came in with a boy, a thin boy with big eyes. He came to the register with a rather large stuffed chicken. I laughed. Usually what that means is that the child has wanted a chick really really bad, and the parent was able to bargain his way out of it.

I blab a little as I'm ringing up their stuff, and the kidlet tells me that he heard the chicks talking to him.

I smiled down at him. "Really?" I said, although he seemed a little old for fantasy. "I'll bet they were asking you to take them home."

"No," he said, looking at me quite seriously. "They wanted to take my heart."

I looked at him shocked, not sure what to say next. I could only say, "Well, then, you made the right decision taking the stuffed chicken."


Mrs. Spit said...

Never going to be a farmer, that munchkin.

quid said...

Good answer! Funny story!


Kelly said...

I hate to admit what when through my mind at what he said. Kinda creepy....