Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Day!

My computer is back home, and many thanks to the incomparable Dan Ralston, our wizard of all things computer-y. I can't get over the fact that you take a screaming piece of technology to him (oh...wait...the screaming might have been me...) and you can have it back fixed and perfectly operational the following day.

So I happily came home with my fixed good-as-new computer, and then I set it up and then I putzed around the house waiting for a phone call that never came, and then I went out grocery shopping, specifically to pick up salad makings. A quiet unassuming gentleman with cognitive deficits has a session with me tomorrow. He often eats cereal with milk because he doesn't cook. So tomorrow, we're going to make chef salads. Lots of meat and cheese fresh vegetables. I really, really love that job.

While shopping, I ran into a lady from church who misses me, and we blabbed for a while. It was good to see her.

Coming out into the parking lot with my groceries, I caught sight of Rog sitting in his car. I set my stuff on the back seat of my car, and went over to their vehicle, calling out, "Hey, are you old enough to be left on your own?" Rog is in his 80s, so he got a good laugh.

Tim had taken the buffalo up to visit him on Tuesday. He still thought that episode was pretty remarkable. He tells me that Tim came up to the door saying, "You'll never guess what I have in the back of my truck..." and Roger admitted he did not have a clue. He walked out with Tim and was astonished. Rog is a good friend alright, because he immediately turned to Tim and said, "Have you talked to your wife about this? Do you think she'll approve?"

Tim laughed. "Approve?!!! It's all her fault!"

So I explained to Roger how I had never been able to surprise Tim, and now I had. It was a warm spring night, and it was a pleasant thing to stand leaning on a car, having a raucous good laugh in the fading light as peepers provided the background music. I really love spring, and I really love good friends.

And Tim really loves that buffalo.

Oh, and know what else? I found two of the coolest balls I have ever seen for William's Easter basket.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Easter basket and christmas stockings are the two funnest fillable holiday tradition/treats. Good for you and hope the love flows.