Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today at the Tractor Supply

Today, I had a few not-so-great moments at the store. I've always thought that I would keep the job always, just part time, just because I enjoy working there, but I can see that this will not work, and that makes me sad.

I had a woman with coupons, which doesn't bother me, but she had also finangled a discount on a large ticket item.. Furthermore, she had online coupons, which are always a doubtful proposition, and she had four of them, but they were authorized. On top of that, she had a 10% discount on her purchase, which I'm pretty sure that the manager did not know when he gave her the discount on her large ticket item. This strikes me as deceitful, but that's not my job, and so I kept still and rang her up.

I had a doofus who thought he was funny, but he wasn't. I smiled, but apparently that was not the kneeslapping response he expected, so he kept making odd noises and pounding on the counter telling me that I needed to wake up.

There was a dispute over lunch breaks.

It was busy.

Not a horrible day, but a pile of little aggravations can lead to a woman who's ready for the day to be done. Really.

Anyways, I was darting back to put something away, and I saw a regular customer with his children. This time he had his wife and the baby with him too, so I got to meet the whole family. We chatted a minute, and I called the kids pippermasqueaks which makes them giggle. The man suddenly said, "Are you the one who writes in the paper?" and I admitted to that. He said, "You do a good job," and I said, "Gee, thanks, it's always nice to hear that!" and then I scooted back to the register, and they continued shopping. In the end, the family came to the counter, and they had just one purchase, some Schleich chicks. The little red haired girl placed it on the counter, and I rang it up, and gave her the change from her five dollar bill. I handed her the chicks and she shyly set them back on the counter. I said, "Do you want a bag for your purchase, madam?" and her father said, "Tell her," and she said, "They're for you." She had picked through all the Schleich toys and decided that I would like the chicks the very best.

Oh, my gosh. It was the very sweetest moment, and I almost cried.

I brought those chicks home, and I set them on my yellow counter top where they match perfectly. Each morning when I make my coffee, I will see them, and I will smile and think of a little red haired girl. Each morning, I will be reminded again, that it's the small and perfect moments that make a day, that bless a life. Each day, I will set out to pass that little blessing along.

Oh, and know what? Tim was afraid to wait on that hall tree. He drove to Kane and looked at it, put half down, and will pay the other half when he picks it up Monday. Another small and perfect moment!

Now, excuse me. My beloved and I are going out for Valentine's Day. And this year, we're going to a fancy restaurant. Just because we have so very much to celebrate.


A Novel Woman said...

Yay on the hall tree!

And lovely story. One summer, I rented our little cottage to a nice single mom with twin girls. At the end of their stay, the girls gave me a little china dish with roses on it, which their mom said they'd paid for themselves. Every time I look at it, my heart melts. Imagine what the world would be like if we all did that for one another every day?

(I had to look up the Schleich chicks to see what they were. Never heard of them!)

Kelly said...

Picture please. I want to see what a Schleich chick looks like. I know, I could look it up like NW did, but I'm being lazy. Besides, I want to see it sitting in its new home.

Glad you're getting the hall tree!!!

Enjoy your evening out. :)

BUSH BABE said...

Lucky girl... I too would like to see what the Schleich chicks look like (lord knows I know what the Schleich horses look like!).

Intrigued about the Tractor Supply job hint...

Bob said...

Love the chicks and love the hall tree.

Hope you and Tim had a grand celebration!

PaintedPromise said...

aw sweet little red-haired girl...