Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine's Day

This morning, I got up, and I made my coffee, and I slogged to the computer to become conscious in my slow and careful way. Best not to rush into a day. In any case, I sipped coffee and woke up while reading blogs and seeing what people were up to where ever they were at, and I read this. I love that there were people in the world like this, and it made me glad to start my day with such a lovely story.

I putzed around getting ready for work. One of my clients is dealing with a new cancer diagnosis and she has a ton of question. Yesterday's question was "What do I wear to chemo?" I said, "Wear something that buttons up the front so they can get to your medport easily. Oh...and wear something with long sleeves, because the chemo room is cold." And worriedly, she said, "I don't have anything like that. I have t-shirts or sweatshirts." We wear the same size, so before I left this morning, I went upstairs and began going through the closet (interesting factoid about this house...we have no closets on the first floor. There is one closet on the second, and two on the third, along with two attics which run on either side. Plenty of storage, inconveniently placed.) I grabbed a couple shirts that I'd bought specifically for my chemo, and dang, it felt good to be giving them away.

I came downstairs and loaded up a bag with some books, and I headed out the door to work. Today, I saw a woman walking with two large dogs. I've waved to them before, but this time she was in front of my house, and I said, "Aww! I get to pet the dogs today!" and she said, "Are you sure you want them jumping?" pulling them away. "I don't care about that," I said, and reached down to pet them. Their mother said, in a delighted sort of way, "I could tell that about you, right away!" So I petted her dogs and we talked about dogs, and she wondered why I did not have one of my own, and I told her that my husband was not a dog person, and she countered w/ 'I needed to teach him to be a dog person'. I laughed. Buck and I tried to teach him, but it was not a happening thing. This husband of mine is not a fan of animals in the house, and I will not have an animal if he cannot come in the house, and I'd rather not spend 8 more years arguing about it. Really. Just easier to love other people's dogs.

Anyways, she tells me that her name is Ruby, and that today is her birthday, and that every year she has a party at the Women's Club, and that the guests come. She requests that the gifts be money or things that the animal shelter can use, because everything gets donated. All of it. She invited me to come on Sunday to have 'the best pizza in the world.' Regretfully, I had to tell her that I would be unable to make it. I am working all day. When I am done with work, we have our own celebration. Little William is one year old on Saturday. We are going out to dinner Sunday night, and coming back to the house for birthday cake.

Anyways, Ruby said she was sorry I couldn't come, and I said, "Well, stop in sometime and say hello," gesturing at the house. She pointed, "This one?" and I said, "Yep." She said, "Well, I can't make any promises. I'm pretty busy. Right now I'm trying to get books into the hands of every preschooler in the county. It's all about education. Education will change our world." I laughed, and held up my bag. "These are books for the nursing home down the street. You take care of the kids, I'll take care of the other end of the spectrum," and she laughed merrily. I readjusted my load and started off. "Books and dogs, both!" I marveled. "You might just become my new best friend!" and our laughter rang out in white puffs in the cold air.

I wish every day could start so wonderfully as today did. I walked to work believing in the goodness of people. When I got home, my house was empty, as usual, but a bouquet of red roses greeted me from the table.


Kelly said...

He might not be a dog person, but he's still a good man. :)

Coralee said...

Don't give up on a dog. I waited 22 years to get my/our cat :) And amazingly, things have worked out well! My husband actually likes the cat. 22 yrs ago he wouldn't have had the patience or the notion he and his/our dog could live with a cat :)
It was worth the wait.

Ruby is a great lady with a big heart.

WhiteStone said...

William! One Year Old! I simply cannot believe that! Wow..time is whooshing past me.