Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring has sprung

It's snowing outside. We've had a really mild winter this year, and that's actually nice, since we don't have central heat. It could have been kind of miserable, but it wasn't. Not at all. We like our little wall mounted heaters, but when you have a house with a dampness problem, they don't help. Still, we've been warm this winter, and that's pretty nice.

Anyways, a couple months ago, during one of Tim's presurgical appointments (yerks...don't get me started on that story line...suffice it to say that I am married to one stubborn man...) we went to a second hand store in the big city. We really love poking around in these places. One of our discoveries on that snowy day was a big vase. We thought it would look great in the front hall, filled with twigs.

We got it home, and then there was all the holidays, and it sat empty (It had occurred to me to fill it with evergreens, but I am one of those folks who never get around to anything in a timely fashion, unless it's homework, or work work, or's just how I am.) So like I said, it sat empty. The last time I was at the house, I cut some branches, from the lilac, from the hedges, from the forsythia, and the lilacs. I brought them home, with a wondering. I set a vase of water inside the big vase, and popped the stems down in the water, and within a week, the buds began to pop.

I think that I'll do that every spring. Every time that I walk past that vase, it makes me smile.


Bill of Wasilla said...

From whence sprung the spring?

Debby said...

From the pot in the front hall, which is filled with sticks, sticks with buds, and buds that have opened.

From whence springs your spring...when it happens, what? Late June or so? JKJKJK!