Thursday, February 16, 2012


You know how you always end up with that bag of unmatched socks? I'm not sure how it happens but it always does. One of the enduring mysteries of life.

Anyways, we are still moving, a truck load at a time. Tonight I discovered socks. Lots of 'em.

Cara? Remember those socks you couldn't find the mates to? And you were really aggravated about the fact? I sure as heck hope you did not throw them away, because I found a mess of your socks too.

Can't shed an light on the enduring mystery, however. Those socks aren't telling me where they went. :)


Tammy said...

I am a recovering sock hoarder. I used to NEVER throw them away for fear of finding the match. And can't use for rags because they would eventually end up in the sock basket again. My solution? I stuffed the dog bed with them! It was just a bed with foam and a cover with a zipper. So I brought it back to life with socks. I have never been tempted to pull them out again!

Love our blog and enjoy your slice of life stories.

Caroline said...

I have a bag of sock 'orphans' in the closet. Every time I find a single sock, I put it there. Once in a while I go through them and match up a bunch, and then throw out the ones who have been there too long. I have no idea where the others go.

Kelly said...

I must be living in the good part of the sock universe because I rarely have one go missing. When I do, its mate usually shows up within the week. Go figure.

judy said...

My husband has accused me of keeping a one-legged man.