Monday, February 13, 2012


Not a lot going on. I worked this weekend, which was a real blessing. We can use the extra money. Saturday night, walking out to our vehicles after closing up the store, I stopped to look. "Gees," I said, "What are those tracks coming from my car?" When Pete talks, he sounds like Mr. Rogers, and that Mr. Rogers voice said, "That is odd. Whatever it was had a long tail, see?" And he pointed it out to me. I could see it very plainly then too. He guessed that it was a large mouse. I translate that to 'rat'. A rat. Under my car, headed to 'the yard' which is what we call the fenced in area where we keep the fencing and larger farm equipment. When I brushed the snow off my car, I looked very closely, hoping, HOPING to find tracks coming from another place to my car. Nothing.

Okay, Saturday, we got quite a bit of snow. I suppose that the rat could have come, taken cover beneath my car and then scooted out for the yard during a lull. I suppose. It might could be that I picked him up at home, and that after that unexpected ride, he laid low for a time, hiding until he felt safe enough to run.

Go back to the first part of that last sentence. "It might could be that I picked him up at home..."

We have never seen a rat here, but we do live in town now, and next to the river, and well...let me just say that the pictures in my head are scaring me, a little. Tim doesn't believe it.

Add to the shopping list:

Decon. (Translation: Ratsack if you live in Oz).


Brianna said...

It could be worse, Mom... at least it wasn't a NYC sewer rat! You know, the ones that are the size of your average Cocker Spaniel, LOL! ;D

Kelly said...

Filthy vermin.

jeanie said...


I lived near a river when 'Salina was born, and her father and I caught 27 rats one week - and then had a brilliant idea to cut back the feral Chinese Elm that no-one claimed ownership of in the back corner of our house (and 3 others). Amazing what tooking out the highway did - they didn't appreciate walking up the stairs!!

BUSH BABE said...

I am not sure I would've gotten into that car. I am SOOOOO brave!!

Bob said...

Mice happen to the best of us. We have had them in our garage and I have gotten those little traps that completely cover them up -- all you see is their tail when they're caught and you can dispose of them easily.

Mind you, my wife has nothing to do with this and has threatened to go stay in a hotel until I can assure her they have been eradicated.

I would bet your are dealing with mice, not rats.