Friday, February 10, 2012

Mad Dad.

Sometimes it seems like the internet has become a place where people can say what they want to say without saying it to anyone's face. It's a copout, really. I know that I've been 'zinged' several times by people who are angry, but have never expressed their anger to me, not at all, and then, suddenly, there it is on facebook, for all the world to see. The anger has become vitriolic and it spews, and there's always vulgarity. People have lost the ability to talk.
It is also not a secret that I believe that a lot of kids in this generation know nothing about work ethic, about manners, about respect (for themselves, or anyone else.) This is the entitled generation. We've no one to blame but ourselves for these children.

I agree with this dad's sentiments. It seems a shame that he shot that laptop, though. Somewhere, there's a hardworking college student that would have given their eyeteeth to have it.

At least he should have taken out the new hardware and returned it.

Anyways, it would have been entertaining to be a fly on the wall that evening.


A Novel Woman said...

Not the way I would have handled it but interesting to watch. I certainly sympathize with the dad's sentiments.

I remember one Italian man who had come to Canada to raise his family. His son was first generation Canadian, and did not share his father's work ethic. His grades slipped because he watched too much TV (this was pre-computer) so his father took the TV to the end of the driveway and beat it to death with a baseball bat. When I asked him "why didn't you donate the TV instead?" he answered "because it wouldn't have had the same impact on my son." So I get why the dad shot the laptop. However, I think he may feel better, but he's going to have a much more rebellious daughter on his hands.

Mikey said...

I did enjoy that video, but Novel Woman may be right. Might have an even more rebellious kid on your hands. But I do get his point!!!

BUSH BABE said...

I saw this yesterday. I agree with comments above. His daughter DEFINITELY needed a lesson and I probably agree that doing it on FB (with accompanying embarrassment value) was the right way to go. Shooting it? Shocked me a little I have to say - what a waste...

Be interesting to know their current relationship.