Sunday, February 5, 2012

Books and a story from Tractor Supply

Spent over an hour trying to download a book on my kobo. Still can't do it. Do you get a clearer understanding of why I favor regular books? In the same amount of time, I could have walked to the library, and picked out a book, and then walked back home. I could have tucked myself into bed and been reading away to myself. Gads. FRUSTRATING!

Saturday, I was working at the Tractor Supply. A party of women came in, and there was some general hysteria going on back in hardware. Lots of shrieking and loud laughter. I said to a customer, "Gees, it sounds like a party back there, and evidently, you and I did not get invited." He said, "Well, there's a limo out front." "Really?" I said, surprised.

Anyways, it wasn't long and a pack of women come up, still rowdy and laughing loudly. One of them put a bag of screws on the counter. I picked them up to weigh them, but the crowd shouted, "No! No! You read the card!" and the birthday girl read, "'This is my fortieth birthday, and I need forty long screws'," and the women just about fell over each other laughing hysterically.

I looked back at the birthday girl, deadpan for a beat or two, and then said, "We got longer screws than that back there." This brought about more hysterical laughter. I signed the birthday card, and a picture was taken of the transaction.

They headed back to their limo, and I imagine there was more champagne involved. "Come with us," they urged. "We like your style."

"Nah," I answered. "One of us has to stay sober and mind the store."

Off they went.