Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Doing Now.

I'm writing a case study now. I'm doubting my own sanity, really. This case is a toughy. The client's interests generally guide the intervention, but the fact is, this client has few interests, and has participated in little activity/occupation/anything for a long, long time. She has to be physically returned to the point where she is able to participate again, and then it will be a process to allow her discover her interests, and enabling her to take part in them.

I'm on my fifth page of this write-up, and I'm feeling a little stressed. I'm wondering "why oh why do you do this to yourself?" knowing full well that I could have picked an easier client.

But the fact is that this client responds well to me. The fact is that I can see progress after less than two weeks. The fact is that following the path of this client for as long as I can is going to make me a very excellent COTA. It is stretching my mind as I stretch her body. I am learning to use my words effectively, how to encourage properly, how to use what I know to make a difference. I could have taken the easier route, I suppose, but it wouldn't have been nearly as rewarding.

But doing it and writing about it...two different things. UGH!

I'm busting butt on this assignment. My goal is to have it done by Friday night. I want to be able to have a whole weekend to devote to Tim. He responds well to me too. :)


Coralee said...

No pain, no gain :)
Perfect last sentence, loved it.

jeanie said...

How beautiful, to re-awaken someone who has lost a certain will.

And ditto on the last line. :)