Thursday, January 26, 2012


I got my case study finished, and after reading it a half dozen times, I sent it off. Really, I'm one of those people who could agonize over a paper and spend hours trying to make it better. I would let it chew up and spit out a whole weekend, one that I have set aside for my husband. I acknowledged my own shortcoming, took a deep breath, and I attached the assignment to an e-mail and sent it off. It is done, submitted 3 days early.

I then went out and mopped the kitchen floor. I stood at the door enjoying how it gleamed. I polished furniture, and put text books away once again. Room by room, I put my house back to rights.

Isn't it strange that I should get as much satisfaction from polishing wood as I do from sending off a seven page paper?


BUSH BABE said...

Not really - this home sounds like it practically PURRS when you tend it. Very satisfying.

Love these last two posts... they made me smile. How is Tim's back, or should I not ask?

jeanie said...

Nah Deb - what is strange is that your house wasn't spotless from doing all those jobs while you procrastinated on your assignment. Crazy in a sensible way.

Bill said...

Three days early!


I would not even have started it until the night before it was due.

It seems you have narrowed your indentification options to post comments. I like the old way better, myself.

Debby said...

I did that because I am being hammered with spam lately, and got tired of dealing with it. Lazy way out.

steviewren said...

I wish I house would be shinier...and a lot cleaner!

Michael said...

Did you enjoy it that much in your previous house as well? How about in those apartments you lived in when the kids were younger?

I ask because I always hated those types of chores... until now. I think something about the pride in our home, and the deeper understanding of the memories this place will build for our family, lift me up when do the chores that used to be such an annoyance.

Hope Tim felt your love this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am exactly the same. I read and change and read and delete and read and alter and agonise some more. An editor friend told me once that the more one edits, the more there is to edit.