Sunday, January 22, 2012

True Love.

An widower told us that he loved to dance, that he and his wife of nearly 70 years had waltzed.

A woman said, "Oooh! I have never waltzed..." and before you could blink, we were hearing where the hand went, and what to do with the feet, etc. They waltzed briefly, and then the gentleman sat back down in his chair.

I nearly cried when I caught a glimpse of his face. His chin quivered and his eyes were filled with tears. He had a far away look in his eyes, and I know that he remembering the fit of another woman in his arms.

Today I worked at Tractor Supply, and an elderly man came in to buy his dog food. He is a widower also, and he told me previously that all he has left is his little dog. He buys her the premium dog food, and special treats. He believes that she is the only thing that keeps him going some days.

So when I saw him today, I asked him how things were going. He's so thin that I worry about him. He told me that they were okay. Then suddenly, he said, "There's just so much. I never worried about meals. She handled the money. She paid bills. She did the cooking and the cleaning." And he looked so helpless that I said, "Listen, if you can't handle it alone, you really need to let your daughter know so that she can help." He told me that he had, that she does help him.

He lingered, and as always, there were tears in his eyes. "I miss her," he said. "We were married for 62 years." Today, I said, "Remember this: some people today spend their whole lives hoping to find what you had. You're a very, very lucky man that you had this for 62 years."

"I AM lucky," he said, "and I know it." I patted his hand, and he smiled his teary smile as he always does, and he pushed his cart out the door.

True love infuses two lives with magic, but that magic splashes over and blesses the life of anyone who is lucky enough to catch the tiniest glimpse of it.


Mikey said...

Your stories like this totally bring tears to my eyes. Thank you.

KarenTX said...

Oh my........tears to my eyes, too. Love like that is special. My dad died on January 11. He was 85. He and my mom had been married for 60 years on January 4. She's getting her feet back under her, he had been sick for some time so her whole focus had been on him. We are all doing well knowing that he is in a better place.

Coralee said...

Stories about love are always special no matter the end result.

BUSH BABE said...

No-one writes like you do... I feel like I met these people.

Just gorgeous.


Trish Ladowski said...

It's Trish from Nana Trish I went on my blog and saw you had commented. I need to do a new blog. I wonder how you are doing and miss you. write me Pls keep in touch. love ya Trish

Kelly said...

Your fix worked - I'm here via my laptop instead of my phone!

Loved this entry. :)

Bill said...