Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today I made a decision. I have left my church. It was a hard one.

I know that politically, the pastor and I are on opposite sides of the fence, but really, really, I never felt that it mattered. I went there to be strengthened spiritually. But more and more, the politics crept in. It became impossible to ignore, at least in my heart.

Today from the pulpit, he decried political correctness, and said that it was nothing more than watering down the gospel. That sat me back on my heels a bit as I pondered it. Can political correctness go too far? Sure. Sure it can. But I don't believe that Christ stands for intolerance. I don't think that if you are Godly, you stand in judgement of the world.

Sitting there, pondering these things, I realized that I was missing most of his sermon.

Is our pastor Biblically accurate? Yes. I believe he is, but I believe that he is applying these truths inaccurately. I've tried to see it another way, but I cannot, and today, even as he read from the second chapter of Revelation, telling us what it meant, I read those words and felt strongly that it meant something else. I also realized that there is no room for opposing views in my church any more. Increasingly, there is only one right way to see it.

It's something that I've been wrestling with for some time now. Today, I stood up at the end of the service and there was no doubt in my mind. This church is no longer the place that I fit.

I walked across the parking lot for the last time, and I grieved that decision, but in my heart, there was no conflict. The decision is right for me.


Donna said...

Wow, it must be the moon phase! I made an entry yesterday that was hard to do because I was afraid I was going against the beliefs of some friends. My problem isn't so much politics (although I do WISH people would keep religion out of politics). My problem is intolerance of other opinions in general.

BUSH BABE said...

Gosh Deb. You know I am not so much of a church-goer, even though I think I'm a reasonable Christian. But I know how much church means to you - and I feel the difficulty of this decision. Sorry you had to make it, but glad you had the intestinal fortitude to do what is right for you. It's all about finding your place, isn't it?

Caroline said...

Intolerance is the root of a lot of problems. I am glad you used your feet and made the change to get it out of your life. But I am sad because I think it wasn't an easy decision to make a change to such an important and significant part of your life.

Jayne said...

If it's a struggle to continue there then it is no longer the place for you.
I hadn't been to church for nearly 30 yrs when I returned to one at Dunolly and it was a perfect fit, it felt right. I was meant to find them when I did, and you're meant to find a new group of friends to share your faith with xxx

Linda G. said...

We made a decision a while back to leave the church we had been attending. It was not an easy decision, so I can so appreciate what it took for you to leave the church.

Kelly said...

I know this was a difficult decision for you to make. (((hugs)))
The past year or so I've remained active in various weekly activities at my church, but haven't attended many Sunday morning worship services. I've really struggled with it, but feel like I'm doing what is right at the moment. That's all any of us can do.

I've been having a lot of difficulty with your blog lately from my laptop, but can still read and comment from my phone. So, please excuse any typos my thumbs make!

Anonymous said...

we have had to leave a church before because of what was said about another person, I guess some one labeling another person. If you have not walked in a persons shoes you have no idea what that person is dealing with. find a new church and just keep serving God somewhere. I know from this blog that you are a very caring person and very giving.

A Novel Woman said...

I have an incredible amount of respect for you. I know what you did was difficult, but ultimately you'll be happy you made that decision. I walked away from the church I grew up in for different reasons, but it was the right thing to do.

bill of Wasilla said...

I know that feeling, Debby. The same thing happened to me in the local Wasilla Mormon ward, probably 29 years ago. I couldn't take being put in the spot of always having to either remain silent or acquiesce to intolerance as though it were my belief. So finally I walked out and did not go back.

Your spirituality does not depend on the church you go to or the pastor who preaches to you.