Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My feet are still doing well. I'm so amazed by this continuing miracle, there are not even words. I walk down the street to where I'm doing my first round of clinicals each morning. Seriously, a month ago, I'm not sure that I could have done this. I don't know what to attribute this to, but my feet are nowhere near as painful as they have been for (what?) months now?

I walk to work and walking is a pleasant thing. It allows you time to observe, and to see the details around you. I realized again, what a beautiful little community I live in. Every morning, I see something that makes me realize it anew. Every morning, I feel very blessed, very lucky.

It is an interesting world we live in. I've been offered a job, a part time job, from a man who was impressed by my courtesy. Maybe the fact that I am observant. I'm not sure. I spoke with him politely, and he spoke back. We talked, discovering (as per usual) people that we had in common. That is the way of small towns. He knew my grandfather. He lives on the same road as my aunt and uncle. The conversation turned to a more personal nature as he asked me questions about myself, what my husband did, where we lived, etc. In any case, he asked me if I were interested in a job. I listened to what he detailed, and realized that this would fit my schedule. I told him yes.

So strange that simple courtesy would have opened such a door.

The house is tidy and I'm waiting for Cara to get home. She got a job today, as well. We are watching the Harry Potter movies from the first to the last. I've never seen one all the way through. When they started, I drove her and her friends to the theater, and fell asleep within minutes (I worked 3rd shift). Before it was done, she was driving herself to the movies. The last movie was watched in a Korean theater, half a world away.

We can never predict where we will wind up, how things will go, can we? I like that about life.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Wonderful, Debby, I love when jobs find their person. Congratulations to you and also to your daughter for finding a job as well. That's double luck; good for you.

jeanie said...

A lovely start to 2012 for you both!!! Hugs to you.

BUSH BABE said...

What is the job? So keen to try these socks that are working miracles on your feet... p'raps you can sell them here (on the side)?

Kelly said...

Yay on BOTH of the jobs!!! That's great news!

My husband got a set of all the HP movies for Christmas. He just finished watching them all again last night (he can watch stuff like that over and over). I've yet to read any of the books or watch any of the movies. Someday.

Wonderful to know your feet aren't hurting, too!

A Novel Woman said...

Congratulations on the new jobs! What is it you'll be doing?

And miracle socks? My daughter knits with alpaca and so far, nada. Maybe it's your feet that are magic.

Debby said...

I find myself really at a loss about this foot thing. I keep telling myself that it cannot be alpaca socks. How COULD it be? But still, the fact remains. It makes no sense, but there it is, a prayer answered. So, I am grateful to God for this. But it would be cool to have magic feet...

Bob said...

You might remember that a couple of years ago my wife wife and I both had restless leg syndrome and someone suggested we put a bar of Ivory soap in our bed. We haven't had RLS a day since. I don't question it; I'm just thankful.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I'm glad your feet are doing well and who knows what properties alpaca socks might bring to them.

Bob - I hate the thought of sleeping with ivory soap, but I often experience that myself, so I will think about it.