Monday, January 30, 2012


The one thing that I love about working with the elderly is that they have so many stories, years of them, and they are waiting to tell them. I could draw up a chair and listen to them all day long.

Working in a nursing home is like being in the middle of a novel, a rich novel brought to life by old voices spinning out words that swirl around your imagination and you see how it was, and feel what it was like.

You learn about the past, but also, in an odd way, you see how it will be, too, and you pull your own life closely about you, and you savor it all the more, knowing that one day, it will be you sitting there with a lifetime of stories, hoping for the chance to tell them.


Bill said...

In your case, you can write them.

WhiteStone said...

Yah...I'm nearing "elderly". I won't say I'm there yet (teehee) but I betcha I could yammer off your ear in pretty short time. And then, you'd have to put up SEVERAL blogposts daily instead of one. I'm telling you, post multiple chemo regimens, my mouth goes a mile a minute. It's changed my brain! My usual womanly 25,000 wds per day has doubled to 50,000. And it's all "good stuff", too! Just ask my hubby...yada, yada, yada, yada. roflol

Debby said...

And in your case, Bill, you capture them in picture.

Oh no, WhiteStone. You're not elderly...I'm talking about people in their nineties. We're not nearly elderly. I've still got 40 years before I'm elderly.

Um...You do your own math.

BUSH BABE said...

Perfect... I always feel like you should have a tape recorder when old people tell their stories. I love hearing their voices and inflections too.

We can just hand out cards with our blog addresses on them in the old folks home!!

WhiteStone said...

Most of all, I think we should be talking to our grandparents while we can. I surely do wish I could talk once again with my dad. He would be 113 years old this year if he were still living. (Don't do the will think I am older than I am.)

Kelly said...

Things like this always make me realize I need to get back on my "Legacy Guide" project - while my mind is still with me!!

There are just too many things that need to be done before my time is up!! Oh..and I'm glad you've clarified "elderly" for me. ;)