Friday, January 13, 2012

The Coyote

Written after a jolting experience last summer, recently dredged up for my church's newsletter:

It means a lot to me to be a Godly person, and recent circumstances had gone very bad. The final straw was this: I had been accused of stealing. It was mortifying, and it was not true. What do you do in a situation like that? In my heart, after prayer, my mind was made up. I would not go back into this place. I would not open myself up to further slander. I was after all, a Christian.

I sent an e-mail to another person involved in this whole sorry mess. I was finished. I was not going back. Her response, was quick and heartfelt. “Oh, no you don’t. You will NOT send me into this den of wolves alone.”

This weighed heavy on my heart as I drove to another appointment, this one in Erie for a scan that was going to determine if the pain I had been suffering for months now was cancer. I was afraid of that, and grieving about the e-mail, and I really had no idea what to do next, what would happen next. I was fearful and overwhelmed. I felt attacked on all sides.

I listened to Chip Ingram, who was relating a similar time in his life, a time when everything was upside down, and nothing he could do was improving things. His ministry was in trouble, his wife was grieving over a family situation, and he was troubled in his own heart. One night, lying in bed, he realized that his wife was crying on her side, and that he could not comfort her. It came clearly to him that his family was under assault by Satan. He immediately sat up in bed, and rebuked Satan to be gone.

I listened to this, and I turned down the radio. I prayed out loud commanding Satan to leave my life, to leave me alone. As I drove, praying, I saw the carcass of what appeared to be a deer along the road, and as I swung out around it, I got the shock of my life.

It was a coyote, with his head thrown back at an impossible angle over his back, his tongue lolling between his teeth. The most startling thing was this: the dead thing’s eyes were wide open, as if he was looking at me.

“Oh, no you don’t. You will not send me into this den of wolves alone,” that e-mail had begun, and I suppose that it was way too much to expect that God would have brought a non-native animal to Pennsylvania to be killed along the road as a message to me, but I knew exactly what He was trying to tell me. I must be brave enough to believe that, and to step forward in faith. God could handle the wolves.

Later on the way home, I stopped to tell my good friend the news. The scan showed no cancer. Two middle aged women danced for joy right there in the driveway, Mary still holding the hose that she had been washing her car with. My God-given friend then looked at me and said, “Debby, I have been praying for you about the other situation too. I keep getting the picture: You are dealing with wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

I looked at her and laughed once again. “I am not so afraid of the wolves as I was before," and I told her what I have just told you now.

God knows His sheep, and He will not leave us to the wolves, my friends, because we are HIS sheep. Believe this, for it is true.


Coralee said...


WhiteStone said...

I sincerely believe God is our protector. No matter what the enemy nor the circumstances. I don't bother to rebuke the devil...I simply pray to God to protect me. He's the one who has power over the devil. I just rest under his protective wings. A wonderful example of trusting in God's protection is Daniel 3:16-18

Kelly said...

I do believe this and am so thankful to God!

Debby, I'm having real trouble with your blog all of a sudden. It's gotten where the entries freeze up for some reason and I have to read them from my phone. Frustrating! At least Blogger is letting me comment again.

BUSH BABE said...

Great yarn... definitely a Sunday School favourite of the future I reckon. He works in mysterious (and often well-illustrated) ways!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I'm glad the scan was good and that you found the signs and affirmations that you needed to move on strong.

And I know that feeling of being wrongfully accused and slandered. Maybe one day I will write about it in my blog.

steviewren said...

Great illustration of the way God shows us that He hears and He will protect. Thanks Debby!