Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catching up

I was back to work at the Tractor Supply today, and oh, my gosh! How I missed that job! I've been doing clinicals, which has really knocked my availability down, and I've only had a few hours each week.

A couple came in, and the guy was wearing a (honest to pete!) stove pipe hat. Like Abraham Lincoln. It made the customers stare. When he checked out, I said, "Nice hat!" and he replied that he'd forgotten that he was wearing it. He was buying horseshoes and volunteered that he had his own business. Crackerjack Farms. He has horses, but he hires out. He has two Victorian carriages, fully restored, a trolley, a stagecoach, even a hearse.

I told him that I lived on Water St. and that a horsedrawn trolley had gone by around Halloween, and that I thought it was an event put on by the local historical society. "It was," he said, "and that was us."

He told me how they'd recently done a funeral in Pittsburgh. His business is popular for fancy weddings. The stagecoach is a popular attraction too, and his son 'rides shotgun', keeping an eye peeled for robbers. He said, "It's a lot of fun."

He paid for his horseshoes and left, and I watched him go. I love it when I see people who love what they do. Made me smile.

I know that posts have been pretty sparse lately. It's not that I am out of stories. I am not. In fact, I am up to my eyeballs in stories, the most wonderful stories, but I cannot tell them. These are my clients, and I have a responsibility.

The one thing that I have noticed is this: that no matter what cognitive deficits an elderly person deals with, there is one thing that they do not forget. They do not forget home. They all want to go home. That is the one word that is never lost. Home.

Tim and I have mended our fences.

If Tim has his mind made up on something, he will not budge. He will simply repeat his viewpoint, over and over again, until I throw my hands skyward and say, "Just do it done with it." There are very few things in this world that I feel so strongly about that this has really been a huge issue before, but after months of watching him deal with some serious chronic pain, well...this surgery was something that I felt very strongly about, and for me, there needed to be a discussion about canceling it. He did not feel the need for this. He called, he canceled, and that was that.

I was so mad at him I didn't even know what to do with that much mad. I stomped out the door for work, and I was in a fine temper, and it had not abated 9 hours later, stomping back home from work. In my mind, when you are married, you don't get to totally disregard your spouse's view on things, and I felt that this was what he'd done. It occurred to me that if he had the right to do this, well, this meant that I did not have to discuss whether or not I could have a dog. It was my choice, because I'm the dog person. The fact that he feels quite strongly that we should not have another dog does not matter, because I like dogs.

This morning, I told him that I'd decided to that I was going to get a dog. He suddenly saw the error of his ways.

I hate being mad, and I'm glad this is behind us. The first argument in our house was a lulu though.


Kelly said...

So are you really gonna get a dog?? That would provide lots of blog material that you'd be allowed to share with us! :) (and photos!)

I just hope Tim doesn't regret canceling that surgery. Might be more difficult to reschedule.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Mad is hard to sustain for me, too. My tummy hates it, my eyes leak all day and night, i get pain in the hole in my chest where my heart was.

A Novel Woman said...

Hahaha! Way to use The Force for good, i.e., a new dog! What kind are you going to get? Something from a local shelter?