Friday, December 30, 2011


Been a hairy ride, that's for sure.

My clinical work was scheduled to begin next week. However, no one could seem to determine what I had to do to begin, and I've been talking to people since December 23rd trying to arrange something that was supposed to have already been set up. So much is riding on this. I need 640 work hours before May 20th to graduate, so I have been a little sick about this.

I prayed, and I prayed hard, and what I came up with is that I headed down this path in faith, and step by step, I was reaching my goal. In the words of my wise friend, "He's brought you too far to drop you on your head now." Last night at midnight, trying to print off a clearance that I needed, the computer froze and I received an error message. Of course, the help number did me no good, the help center being closed at that time of the night. I got up this morning and called only to discover that explorer 8 is incompatible with the state police website. Natch.

My work site had explorer 7, and so I was able to go there to fill out the paperwork once again, and to submit it on line with yet another application fee. This time it worked, and triumphantly I carried the paperwork to the appropriate department. Long story short? I have been cleared to begin work on Monday morning at 9.

I am so very grateful and relieved that there are not words to tell you.

Want to hear my Christmas miracle? My feet have been giving me such problems for just forever now, it seems like. After the last scan, and the good results, I had a decision to make about this pain. I took a deep breath, decided that I needed to be functional. I made the decision to avoid the pain killers, be stoic and deal with it, comforting myself with the fact that whatever the flip this is, it is not cancer. Dealing with chronic pain wears on a person though, and sometimes it did not appear that resolution alone was going to get me from one day to the next.

Christmas day came, and Mike brought me a pair of alpaca socks, from the alpaca ranch next door to his 'hunting lodge'. Tim read up on these socks, and thought they might help my poor feet, so he asked Mike to pick up a second pair for him to give to me. I opened their gifts, and I was grateful, because they are very nice socks, but as to helping my feet...well...logically I could not see how that would happen. Still, these are some very nice socks, warm and soft, and I've been padding around the house in these socks and loving these socks more every time that I put them on.

Long story short. I got up the morning of December 28th, and was darting around in the dark getting ready to drive to Erie with Tim for his pre-surgical tests and appointments. I'd been up for some time before I realized that my feet did not hurt. This is very odd, because generally speaking, I hobble for the first hour of the morning.

During the course of that day, we walked a lot. All over the hospital, and then we had time to kill between the hospital appointments and the surgeon's appointment, so we went to the antique store, to Hobby Lobby, to Target, etc. My feet were a little sore by the time we were headed home, but I woke up the next morning pain free once again. I worked in the afternoon, and my feet were twinge-y and uncomfortable when I got home, but this morning...well, I am on my third painfree day.

I do not understand this. I keep telling myself that it cannot be the socks. I keep telling myself that this makes absolutely no sense at all. But when I walk and wiggle my toes, I want to cry with the joy of it.

I have two things that I am so grateful for there are no words.


BUSH BABE said...

Wonderful news. Both lots, but as a fellow foot pain sufferer... I MUST get me some of those socks!!

Happy New Year Debby and family!


WhiteStone said...

Oh, Debby, I have those hobblety feet, too. I think mine is arthritis brought on by chemo and perhaps by age...I'm a LOT older than thee. lol.

I try to keep good shoes on my feet. That helps somewhat. But this week I began topotecan chemo and an accompanying steroid pre-med. That helped immensely. Sadly, it will wear off after another few days. Drat!

My daughter brought me some smart wool socks! Maybe they will be of help!

Bob said...

Such good news, Debby, on both fronts. I had an idea you were dealing with the clinical stuff after your recent e-mail and I had also been sending up entreaties on your behalf.

And the socks! How great.

And your wise friend is so right. He did NOT bring you this far . . .

Jayne said...

What wonderful news, on both counts!
I can't fathom how those socks work, either, but I'll certainly keep them in mind for next winter when my feet play up!
Happy New Year to you, Tim and your family xxx

KarenTX said...

Hurrah for magic socks and getting your schedule set! Gonna be a good year!! Happy New Year!!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're entering into the new year on such a positive note. Yes, God IS in control of your life and has taken you exactly where He wants you. It's gonna be a good year, Debby!

All the best to you and your family!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I like this statement,

"He's brought you too far to drop you on your head now."

For you and for me.

Alpaca socks - hmmm' - maybe I will get some for Margie.

A Novel Woman said...

Yay to all of it, especially the magic socks! I've been having joint pain (including my left foot) which my doctor thought might be related to my heart medication. However, during the month of November, I gave up coffee, sugar and wheat and felt 100% better.

Conclusion? Get me some of them magic alpaca socks.

jeanie said...

I need me some alpaca knickers, I think - my morning hobbles are my hips and lower back.

Happy new year - and yay to paperwork wins!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year again Deb. Great news. We had some of those socks years ago and they were very good. Must check on some more.

All the best to Tim for a very good outcome for his surgery. Happy 2012! Barb

Barbara said...

2012 will be a much improved year - I believe! Best wishes on Tim's surgery. What kind of magical socks did you get? There are so many choices and I will get some for my husband who has the identical feet - painful. I'm so excited you shared this information and so glad that you have a caring husband. Happy New Year to all!

deardarl said...

Happy New Year Debbie - glad you have found relief and hope the surgery goes well. X

ellie k said...

I was having so much pain in my feet in the mornings that I could barely walk for an hour or so. my dr. told me to get new balance style 811 shoes. I did and my feet are almost pain free unless I go bare foot for a day. the shoes worked wonders for me.

steviewren said...

Feet that don't hurt is a tremendous blessing! I'm so happy for you. What a wonderful way to start the new year.