Monday, November 28, 2011

The Votes are In.

Remember when I discovered that I did not have a can opener? And I was forced out into a wangdoodle of a storm to buy one?

Well, the other day, Tim said, "This can opener is a piece of crap."

"It's alright," I said.

He disagreed.

Tonight I managed to peel off the tip of my finger trying to open a can of mushrooms. It was just as gruesome as it sounds. Dripped my way down to the bathroom. By the time I got bandages to stick, it looked like I'd slaughtered something there. I even managed to get blood down the outside of the pedestal basin. I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom. I made my way out to the kitchen, wiping the floor as I went.

In addition to making a mess, it also makes typing all these darned school papers kind of difficult.

Tim and I are now in agreement. The can opener is a piece of crap.


Scotty said...

Hehe - nothing more to be said, then, eh?


Hal Johnson said...

Ouch. For nearly eighteen years, I've been trying to convince my bride that it's not a good idea to run the cars below 1/4 on the gas gauges. I suspect she'll believe me when she finds herself stuck on the side of the road with a clogged fuel filter or injector.

Of course, that probably won't happen. I'll be the one stuck on the side of the road.

Jayne said...


A Novel Woman said...

I will buy you a can opener myself if you promise never, ever to make me read a blog post like that again. You made my toes curl. Eeesh.

jeanie said...

Ouch - I slammed my finger in a car door on Monday morning. Left a similar trail.

On the downside - I am having to be careful for it to heal - do you know how many things BUMP what you thought was a little-used finger?

On the upside - excellent excuse to get out of the washing up.

And on the can opener - ring-pull anyone?