Saturday, November 19, 2011

Train Trip

Here is something I keep forgetting to tell you, a neat discovery about life in the new house. I wake up in the night all warm and drowsy under the blankets and I hear the sound of a train. Isn't that cool? Like the church bells I hear during the day, the sound of the train is not a sound that you hear in the woods. I like to hear that train, and it always makes me smile.

I remember being a small child, hearing the sound of trains in the dark. This will sound very stupid, but the sound made me feel strange, even as a child. The best way to describe it is that it made me feel like I wanted something very very badly, something that I could not have. I was only 5 or 6, but I remember this restless itchy feeling and I did not understand it. I remember trying to explain it once, and my mother thought it was funny. I heard her telling my father in the other room. I remember laying in my little white bed, and wondering why this was funny.

Now, half a century later, a grown woman lies in her bed, next to her husband, listening to the train, and remembers being a child.


Windsmoke. said...

A Bonza trip down memory lane of your childhood :-).

Kelly said...

Remember my "Favorite Five - Sounds" post? A train whistle at night... my favorite sound!

I totally understand how you felt as a child. Wonderful post!

jeanie said...

I can understand that feeling.

Tammy Vasa said...

I grew up near the tracks, too. (Hopefully, I was on the "right side" of them. :) And the sound of the whistle and the brakes and the rumbling of the tracks was the norm. Years later, when I would go home, I would take comfort in the sounds of the train.

BB said...

Yearning. SOULFUL. Thats what trains in the dark sound like to me.

A Novel Woman said...

I know exactly what you mean about the train sound! It made me yearn for an adventure.