Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today, I went to work at o'dark-thirty. For freight day, it was an easy freight day. I was walking out the door by 10.

I came home and settled an overdue bill, one that had been paid on September 28th. Good news? I had the receipt. I don't know where a lot of our paperwork is, but I happened to have the receipt for this neatly folded and in my purse. Aha!!! I called up and was prepared to do battle and emerge the victor, but unfortunately the nice lady said, "No. You have a zero balance. I'm not sure why it took your hospital over a week to forward that payment to us, but we got it on November 6th, two days after our bill was sent. You have a zero balance." I hate when that happens. Just once I'd like to do battle and emerge the victor. It's hard to do that when a pleasant lady on the other end of the phone is just as curious about what happened to that payment as I am.

Hallelujah, I got the printer fixed after a nice live chat with "Jacob". No accents on live chat. This works for me.

I got one class completely finished today. Completely done. All done. So done that I put the text book and my notebook on the bookshelf in my office, and if I ever look at them again, I'll be plenty shocked. (This was a class on Aging, and since I'm living that adventure, I doubt that I'll need to reference it.) I submitted the final, and two papers to go with it, via e-mail, which makes me nervous. I'd like to get an acknowledgement that she has them, but I doubt I will. I'll double check with her Friday, which is when this is all due.

I completed another assignment today, and wrote up a professional resume for Friday. (I'm starting to hate this computer.)

I have downloaded and studied a great deal of material for a patient assessment that I am doing tomorrow, my first real assessment. I will design an intervention for this patient and implement it next week. I've got my supplies assembled for that. Sounds darn professional for someone who is dancing awfully close to the "Gone Crazy. If my mind gets back before I do, please tell it to wait."

I have printed off my portion for a presentation to be done on Friday.

I will wash my dishes, and I am going to bed early. Tomorrow is a big day.

You know, I've only got five more class days. *Gasp*

The buyers contacted us today. We'll be closing in the next week or so.

Strikes me as hilarious...I walk through the livingroom, the place with no furniture yet. There's a small TV sitting there. Know what? Tim has watched a football game on it. That's it. Maybe some day we'll get a chance to sit down in front of the tube and 'veg out'. I can't wait.


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Only 5 more days???

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