Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tim's Eye for Design

You know what makes me smile? The fact that Tim is just as taken with this house as I am. He's begun to fret about things that I never knew Tims could fret about. He notices things that he has not noticed before. Things that he's always kind of left to me to figure out. Things like this: 'Those drapes are too light colored'. He was right. I found it out after I hung them, and then took them down and followed his instructions. There is this huge old mirror. I didn't like it. He did. He knew also where it was going to go. The old side board is at the end of the foyer. I hated that mirror, but hung above the side board, I discovered a) it matches perfectly, b) it reflects the light brought in from the side door which is about 23 ft in front of it and c) as Tim said, several times, "That looks grand, doesn't it?" Tim was right. For a man who never seemed to take note of his surroundings, it does seem that he has quite an eye for that sort of thing. Perhaps a better eye than my own.

We've been in our house for a full week now. This weekend was spent finding homes for our things. But this morning, I got up and padded barefoot to the kitchen to make my coffee. I padded into a library that has curtains up. I am once again typing in the dark as I sip my coffee. I am surrounded by the pictures of those that I love. I am surrounded by the old familiar things that I love. Routine by routine, thing by thing, the place slowly becomes ours.

Yep. I know. Pictures....


Mary in Florida said...

It sounds wonderful! I am enchanted by your storytelling and description. I'd love to come for a visit. Please give us more!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are getting settled in.

BB said...

I CAN picture it. But I'd rather you did it for me!