Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Questions Answered.

I drink two cups of coffee every morning. Doctor says "Do you really need two cups of coffee in the morning?" At the time, I was struck speechless contemplating mornings without caffeine. There were no words. I just sat there. The picture in my mind was not all that purty.

It is now morning. I'm sitting here in my bathrobe, drinking my coffee. I'd like to answer that doctor's question: "I'm afraid that you would have to show me clear and convincing evidence that two cups of coffee is negatively affecting my health, because this girl needs caffeine in the morning." (That or jumper cables. One of the two.)

What are we doing for Thanksgiving? Cara will be home this morning. Dylan and Brittani will be in this evening (they both work nights.) Buddy, Brianna and William will be over tomorrow. Mike will be here too.

Will there be pictures? Well. I'd like to think there will be, but they will likely suck.

Pete and his wife will be stopping in towards evening or so. We will play a rousing game of Scrabble.

Do I shop on Black Friday? Good heavens, NO! I did, once, for a deeply discounted computer. Dylan and Cara, and her friend Sarah went along. It was actually so crowded that it was scary. I don't like mobs of people. People trying to save money are the most ruthless people of all. We witnessed people fighting over things. I am not talking about verbal disputes. We are talking about actual physical confrontations. It's not truly Christmas until you see a young woman kicking at a little old lady who paused to look at a cart full of Milton Bradley games, thinking it was a display, not realizing that it was someone's shopping. That being said, I will be at the store on Friday. All day. I actually had a really good time last year. We all bring food in and eat out back. Because I am the cashier, the customers part like the Red Sea parted for Moses. I am allowed to proceed to my register, and they are all glad to see me. The best thing is that people are tired but in high spirits, and it is a hilarious day with a lot of laughter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Posting will likely be sparse as I get right down to celebrating our first holiday in our new house.


Bob said...

Have a wonderful time!

If I ever committed a crime and had to be sentenced, it would appropriate to send me out the day after Thanksgiving.

Can't wait to see photos. Be thankful. Have a great day.

WhiteStone said...

What is it about Black Friday, anyway? Noooo, I'll be home enjoying the comfort of "no crowds".

Coffee. A must!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Debby! Enjoy your first holiday in your new home!

Kelly said...

For every study that says "no coffee" there will be another that tells of its benefits. Go ahead. Drink your coffee. *said as I just finished my second cup of tea (black, not healthy green) for the day*

I made the mistake of trying the Black Friday thing one time for something my son really wanted. I even made him go with me. It was a memorable experience to say the least. Something was omitted from our bag and I had to go BACK to get it. I made him go inside that time while I circled the packed parking lot. I said "never again"!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Debby!

Scotty said...

Have a great Thanksgiving in your new home - hope you and the family have a terrific time.


steviewren said...

I'm popping in to say Happy 1st Thanksgiving in the new house. I'm sure it will be fun for everyone.

ps....I don't want anything bad enough to go shopping on Black Friday.

Roland said...

Two cups of coffee is nothing. Why would a doctor possibly be worried about two?

Happy Thanksgiving!