Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The kids are home.

The phone rang, and Cara answered it as I was baking. She talked although I could not hear who she was talking to. I heard her say, "Do you want to talk to my mom?" (pause) "Well, she's not impaired if that's what you want to know." 'What? Who in the world is she talking to?' I grabbed the phone quickly. It was a telemarketing call. Our last phone number was listed on the do not call list, and we did not receive them. I hadn't thought about it at the new house. She was selling ADT security systems. I interrupted, and said, "No, we're not interested, but I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving at your house," and I hung up.

I looked at Cara. "What was the whole 'she's not impaired' about..." Cara grinned and said, "When I asked her if she wanted to talk to my mother, she asked if you could make decisions for the house. What kind of question is that? This isn't the 1950s. So I told her you weren't impaired."

Yep. Cara's home.

Dylan's home too, with Brittani.

Brianna called, and the three of them will be coming in tomorrow.

Mike's coming for dinner too.

I'm grateful for Thanksgiving and families gathered around the table. The turkey is stuffed and in the fridge, and fortified with two glasses of wine, I'm ready to hit the hay.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Bill of Wasilla said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Debby - and thanks for sticking with me these past couple of seemingly impossible months.

BB said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies, especially my mad Yank Pennsylvanian mates!! Have a wonderful gathering of the clan - shall toast you all from afar (you KNOW I don't need much encouragement!)


Kelly said...

Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Debby. It was a good day here.