Monday, November 21, 2011


Today was my only class day for the week, but it was a long day. Mondays always are. I had a presentation today, and my group worked so well together. We did a very nice presentation, one that was so nicely done that when we were finished, the instructors had no questions...we'd answered them all during our talk.

I headed for home, and I was glad to be headed for home. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a ham steak and a 10 lb bag of potatoes. I will deliver a heapin' helping of homemade soup with bread to a lady having chemo. I'll be taking along a jar of my mother in law's homemade jam. It was one of those things that tasted so good to me during my own chemo. It was easy to toast a slice of whole grain bread and have some homemade jam on it when I was too tired for anything else. It never failed to hit the spot.

I opened the door with my skeleton key. I brought in the groceries and my school books. I stood in the middle of my cheerful yellow kitchen chopping the ham, chopping an onion, and setting it to simmer in the crock pot.

The smell permeated the house while I worked at (and completed) 3 homework assignments (yay me!)

Justin stopped in to blab a while. I just finished chopping up 5 lbs of potatoes to put in it before I head out to work at o'dark thirty (freight day...)

My boss called from where I am doing my fieldwork, and you know, I like her so very, very much! I'm lucky enough that they want me back next semester, when the classes are done, and we simply go off to work every morning at our fieldwork site. You can't possibly imagine what a gift that is! I'll be going to a place where I already know the people there, a place I am familiar with. I'll be able to walk in there and immediately begin to focus on the work that I am doing. No nervous jitters! I'm so lucky.

I am very happy tonight, sitting in the dark in front of the fire. My clock ticks away in the hall. The house smells like ham. Dishes are done. Homework set aside. I'm taking a moment to savor where I am, this very tiny moment of a very busy day, the people in my life, the impending holidays.

I am so incredibly blessed.

I am so incredibly grateful.


Kelly said...

I love hearing how happy you are, settling into your new home. What a wonderful holiday season you will have - even if I don't let you borrow my granddaughters. :)

Jayne said...

You chop up the ham steak?
Here in Oz it was a fad for years (in the 70s) to BBQ the ham steak whole and serve with cheese and a pineapple ring on top.
Ham steaks have just made a return to local delis.
Good to hear your placement is working out so well :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Grateful, blessed, loved, respected, fulfilled by work and family and location.

Namaste, Debby.