Sunday, November 6, 2011

Git 'er done.

Well, we've gotten the furniture from three bedrooms and an office moved. Tim stayed home because I wouldn't let him come. This pinched nerve thing (or whatever it is) has been an unending source of grief to him.

Justin and I ferried the stuff down the hill on the truck, making four trips. It was a good day, and this house is emptying out. We'll move a carload at a time this week, and then next weekend, my sister and her husband are helping. That should be the bulk of it, except for the kids' stuff. Dylan is coming home at Thanksgiving, and will load up his things. We're hoping Mike and Brianna will come home. I've got a box for Mary to take. Stuff for Goodwill. Boxes of books. I advertised them on Freecycle, and someone eagerly claimed them all...and then asked me to deliver them. I hate that. For heaven's sake, if someone is giving you something, seems like you could at least make the effort to come and get it. Cara's got to hoe through her room too. That will take some time. We're hoping that Buddy and Brianna will come up and sort through things and take what they want for their home.

I've got a busy week coming up at school. A trip to Buffalo on Wednesday. Practicals (again!) on Friday. I go to school three days a week. Somebody pointed out that we have fifteen more days of school. 15! I figured it out, and she is right. We have 15 more days of school, and then the semester will be done. Next semester, we will be working 5 days a week at a work site. If we begin our work program as soon as the holidays are over, not waiting for the school break to end, we'll be finished with our semester in April.

Wow. I'm coming into the home stretch.


BUSH BABE said...

What a time in your life!!! Hoping Tim feels better soon - doctor no help there?

Rhubarb Whine said...

You just get busier and busier. You really should write motivational material, you know :) You are amazing!

Kelly said...

Time is just flying by!! I sure hope Tim finds some relief soon.

Jayne said...

Hope that man of yours gets sorted with his back soon, that can't be anything but painful :(
Yay on the home stretch with the house and school :)

quid said...

The end of an era. The beginning of an era. Moving fast.

Deliver? Free books? They must be crazy.