Monday, November 7, 2011

Finish Line, Ruby Slippers, Whining.

Over the weekend, I discovered that I have 15 more days of school.

15 more days.

One would think that would galvanize me. That I would be thinking, "15 more days?!!! Shoot. I can do that standing on my head!" That I would be a ball of energy, flying through these projects, getting things done. I mean, I have a crap load of stuff to do, and I've been pecking away at it daily, getting it done, one smidge at a time. Seems like seeing the finish line would be a big encouragement, that I would be tearing through this like my tail was on fire.

You'd think.

Mary called. She and Danny are out yard-saling. "Hey," I said. "If you come across a corner cabinet, wooden, let me know. It can be either white or oak finish. We need one for a bathroom."

My friend said, (almost wailed, actually) "I can't wait until I can just call you and ask you if you want to do something, and you'll be able to just pick up and go with me. I miss that!"

I do too.

I think of doing things with my sister. Or my sister in law (and my two cute nephews). Or my friends. Of taking part in church activities once again. I think of just sitting to read a book and not feeling anxious because I should be doing something else. I think of what it would be like to have a tidy house. To have time to fix a meal instead of simply grabbing something quick (preferably that I don't have to cook so that I can hit the books.) I think of standing in the yard and visiting with our new neighbors instead of flying in the door and back out again, waving gaily.

I am so busy. This is a very exciting time in my life, but I am tired and frazzled, and I simply want to be done. My life has been hijacked, and I want it back, thank you.


No matter how I click the heels of my ruby slippers, when I open my eyes, it is still not done. But I figure the only thing standing between 15 and 14 is this day. I'll heist up from my chair, carry my empty coffee cup to the sink, and I will get the party started.

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quid said...

Have a good day, Deb! Only 14 more!