Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do We REALLY need television?

The satellite dish was supposed to be installed on Saturday. The young man came to the house, but decided against installing it. He decided to call in the experts. We figured that he needed a truck w/ a 'cherry picker' or a tall ladder or something. He said that someone would be in touch with us within 48 hours.

We did not receive a call, so today, after over 72 hours, I called Direct TV myself. The young woman said, "Well, I don't know why he would have told you that. You have to call us to set up the appointment."

Me: "Well. We did, for the initial appointment. But he told us that someone would be contacting us to make arrangements."

She tells me that this is not the way it is done. I need to call to reset the appointment.

I was a little grumpy about this. Seems like someone would want to speak to the young man about this error. I explained carefully that we had been told something different, and that when someone comes out but does not complete the installation, it seems only right that they follow up with me. I mean, we were expecting to have service by now.

She cheerfully says to me that if I'd like, I'm welcome to call over the next few hours, repeatedly, and see if someone cancelled and I could get an installation done.

Very carefully, I said, "No. I am certainly NOT going to do this. You are going to provide me with a service date, and we will arrange to be home on that day. I am not going to waste a whole evening trying to get you to come out and hook up my television. I have lived without TV for a number of years, and I am completely prepared to continue living without it."

Long pause. She curtly tells me that someone will be out Sunday between 12 and 4.

I hang up wondering just what in blue blazes has happened to customer service.


A Novel Woman said...

I had the same thing happen to me! In fact, it was so bad it was funny, so I made a comment to the rep on the phone and he agreed with me! The rep for the company AGREED the service was bad. Oy.

Brianna said...

Could be worse... try dealing with Verizon customer service! We had issues with our internet service for about three weeks after we got it turned on, and it was horrible! We would set up an appointment for a service tech to come out to take a look at it, and then they sent the guy out a full day early. Then, when we found out he had been there, we called them to remind them that our appointment was supposed to be the next day, and they actually told us that they send their techs out at their convenience, not ours! I was furious! They proceeded to tell me that they would not be able to make it out the next day, and I told them that as this was a scheduled appointment, if they didn't, we would be cancelling our service. Needless to say, they managed to find the time, LOL!

jeanie said...

Oh dear me.

Not the same, but we are migrating to digital here, and as we live in one of the worst areas in the whole wide world for reception (okay, maybe not, but definitely not up to standard for "we are switching off the other channels in a few weeks" you would expect) we were required to get a new antenna - which requires a TV antenna installation guy.

Luckily (?), we also needed an electrician to install new fans all around for the approaching Summer, and found one who would do all we required for about a grand.

His apprentice came out, put in the fans, put up the antenna, got it all NEARLY hooked up but it appears we also need to put in a booster (it has improved, however, to just being crappy when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction as opposed to all of the time).

That was about 2 months ago now. No ringing from them to make a time. No turning up. No booster. On the flipside - still no bill, either!!!

Bob said...

As I told you . . . I think you'll be disappointed. You were fine w/out it.

Mary Paddock said...

We set up our Direct TV dish by ourselves since we bought our own equipment.

BUT! For what it's worth, TV antennas are cheaper and easier to put up. :)

BUSH BABE said...

We may not need television but we SURE need some decent customer service... I can't find me ANY lately!!!
*silent scream*

Good luck with it all...

quid said...

Customer service does seem to be a thing of the past, no? You would think they'd be itching to get new customers!

KarenTX said...

It's gone to He!! in a handbasket! I had the same trouble with my carrier. Finally told them that I had options and if they didn't want to have my business, I'd be happy to go elsewhere. It got done.