Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday, I worked. It was a busy day, raining like crazy outside. I feel partially responsible for this. As soon as Tim and I decided that it was time to begin moving furniture, the skies open and it has not let up. In fact, in the weather forecast, it shows the only clear day this week being Monday. And I spend that day in class.

In any case, I was working away between customers trying to restock the candy. We are selling a new candy. I carried the box over. It had a map on it. Queensland caught my eye, and then New South Wales. I recognized city names. Darlington Downs is where BB went to university. Alice Springs. We sell Darrell Lea's Soft Liquorice. It made me laugh that these names were familiar to me, that there is a orphan poddy that I have named from there, that someday, Tim and I will be driving these roads, reminding each other to drive on the other side of the road. I did not have time to make out the rest of the names on the map, but I broke those boxes down carefully, and put them with the boxes that have been set aside for me to take home for moving.

I had my review yesterday, and it was a nice one. The manager told me once again, that if I ever decide that the life of OT is not for me, he'd take me on full time in a heartbeat. It's nice to hear that you're well thought of. I'm a self starter, takes initiative, attention to detail, volunteers for special projects, quick to see what needs doing, always busy, excellent customer service. I got my raise. I signed the papers and stood to leave the office. "If they ever drop kick me out of the program, I'll be in to talk to you," I laughed. And Mark said, "Let me make a few calls."

After work, yesterday, I headed home. I had exactly one hour to spend with Cara, before she was headed back to school. She'd unexpectedly come home Friday night. She needed to drink wine and have a deep philosophical conversation with her lucky mother. I stayed up later than I should have, because I had volunteered to go into work an hour early. I tried to set her self doubting to rest, but felt as if there wasn't enough time to do it properly.

Then Tim and I went down to the house, to begin work on the upstairs bathroom. The surround needs to be replaced. I was downstairs, and I heard a knock on the door. I looked, and saw no one. I walked to the other door, but saw no one there either. The kitchen door opened and Justin came in laughing at my confusion. He'd knocked and then stepped off to the side, so that I could not see him. I get a kick out of that boy, that he's comfortable enough to tease. And to be teased back~ as Tim and he were ripping out the bathtub surround, a piece of molding broke. Tim knew it would, and had no intentions of salvaging it, but when Justin ripped it down, and it broke, Tim said, in a mock stern voice, "What are you doing?!!!" Justin looked horrified for a moment before Tim and I burst out laughing. And later, Justin and I played a prank on Tim. I miss having teenagers around, and I didn't realize how much until I had one around once again.

Underneath the bathtub surround, there was glue that held it to the wall, and that glue was done in a wild zigzag pattern, but in the middle of it, it said, 'Melissa (heart) Joe'. These people did the original rehab of our beautiful home. They owned it and loved it and took great pride in it for several years. A divorce led to the sale of the home to the people who did not care, and the people who did not care about the house were the reason that Tim and I were able to get the home so cheaply. It made me sad to see those words there. 'Melissa (heart) Joe'. They did, for a time, and that love made things beautiful, and now it is no more. Things change.

Tim and I went to Lowe's once again, made a decision on a new surround, picked the knobs and the drawer pulls for the kitchen. We looked at bathtub reglazing kits. We ambled through the store, secure in the knowledge that our love makes things beautiful...and that this is a thing that won't change.


Kelly said...

I'm still waiting for rain so I'm a bit jealous.

The Melissa/Joe story is sad. :(

steviewren said...

It's good to be content with life. You are lucky to be in such a good place. I feel happier just reading this.

A Novel Woman said...

Melissa heart Joe. Sweet and sad.

quid said...

I'm lucky and have had brief respites over the last three days to shore up Andrea's moments of self-doubt. The best way, I find, is just to listen. I don't have to say much, maybe just reinforce a decision she's already half made with some words of support. She turned 30 this week (how did that get away from me). It's nice to see her in that stride of self-esteem that often happens when you are doing what you love and with someone you love.

We have had a raucous family party here in Chicago, but the best minutes were really the ones we spent alone.


BB said...

Darling Downs - and yes, I did. Darrel Lea chocolate is big here. Big with all us big people!

The Melissa Heart Joe story is sweet - was it their divorce that saw the house sold though? Its sad someone else came and didn't love the house but if they HAD you might not have it now. Just meant to be, Deb.

BB said...

PS Bay Leaf is thriving and awaiting your inspection!

Debby said...

Yes. We are the fifth owners to this house. A couple bought the lot from the city in the '20s, and built our house. They lived their lives in it, and then passed it down to one of the children, who lived their lives out in it. Her husband died, and the wife, a nurse, put the second floor kitchen in, and rented the top two floors of the house and lived on the first floor. When she died, the house was sold out of the family for the first time in 60+ years. A couple bought it, and rehabbed it, and took huge pride in it. The neighbors report that the lawn was perfectly kept. The divorce caused the house to be sold. Neither could afford to pay 1/2 the value of the house to the other, and so the house was sold and the money divided. When the new owners took possession of the house, the decline started immediately, and the neighbors were sorry to see such a nice house become so uncared for. But out of it's 90 years, the house has been loved and well cared for for over 80 of them, and so we are lucky to find such a nice home that needed only cleaning and sprucing up. It was structurally sound.

Fleur McDonald said...

Laughing is great, especially with family!

PaintedPromise said...

Melissa heart Joe is sad...

but Tim and Debby? your love makes things beautiful and i believe you, that won't change!!!