Sunday, October 9, 2011

Words fail I made some up.

Gratuitous grandbaby shot.
He's dribbaliscious

Remember this ooogly light? The one that I said I was glad was broken, because it saved me the trouble of breaking it myself?
I would have too, and I would not have bothered to make it look like an accident either.
Anyways, this is the light that we got to replace it.
That price tag?
We didn't pay it. It was on sale.
And see how beautifully the floors shine? We have two stories of beauteous, sparkalous hardwood floor. I do so love those floors. Tim did a good job. This is the guest room for when you all come to visit us. Fresh new paint. Nice little gas fireplace for ambience. I got a house where you can use the word 'ambience' and not sound like an id-jet.
(Oh. I do sound like an id-jet?)

This is one of the two sconces we got for the far end of the foyer. The picture is not a good one.
These are gran-jus too.
Sigh. The windows just are so reflectful and brightsome.
There are 26 of them. Plus the french doors and the glass fronted book cases and the heavy wooden entrance doors with the huge glass panes. I am so happy with this house, but cleaning windows today, all day, I started having a few misgivings.

Justin here risked life and limb to capture a ferocious predatory cat. This picture does not show the bloody scratches. You'll note that the boy does not have fingers on his left hand. He did. Until he tried to pick up this vicious cat. It was horrible.
Okay. I made that up.
This is the long awaited picture of Booker C.
Happy now, Bill?
This is a short post, and I apologize, but Tim is having a pretty horrible time with sciatica right now, and I need to get back to him.


Mikey said...

All such good things! Those floors are magnificent. So is that baby :)
Hope Tim feels better soon.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I am happy, Debby. You have just caused a heart in the frozen north to melt.

Jayne said...

That house is splendiferous, Debby, you and Tim have done a great job!
Plus the grand-baby is super squishy-cute.
And the cat is purrrfect.

CorvusCorax12 said...

what a lovely house

A Novel Woman said...

Wow, your house is magnifi-gorgeous! It's spendifericious! Awesomagicous!

The baby is yummy.

Those gleaming floors are amazing. Can I borrow Tim? I will make him lasagna and steak and sugar pie.

The cat is pretty sweet, too. Looks like a Maine Coon. Is it a big cat?

Oh, one more question.

Can I have a quilt in my guestroom?

Kelly said...

Love it all!!! That floor is beautiful - so shiny!

For some reason the cat looks nothing like I expected. He's quite handsome, though.

Bob said...

Yes, Novel Woman, I am OK with a quilt in that room.

Love the floors. Love the house. Love the hat.