Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

'Bunny lady' was back at the store today. She was returning the cage she bought for the bunnies. "Oh no!" I said, but she assured me that the little bunnies were doing just fine. She just wanted to buy the other cage.

We were busier than heck today. We had a woman in there with a thick Italian accent. She was buying Carhartt stuff for her grandsons back in Italy. Apparently a Carhartt jacket runs $350 over there. That's kind of neat to think of, bagging up clothing that was going to wind up half way round the world.

A couple came in with the sweetest baby, just a few weeks old, so wee, with a head of black hair. Just adorable. The woman said, "The last time I was holding something like this, it was that baby goat, remember?" I did. She'd come in the store with the tiniest orphan baby goat tucked inside her jacket, his little head peaking out. It had made me laugh hard. "Both of 'em are darn cute!" I said.

A mother from Eisenhower school came in. This football rivalry crap is getting out of hand. Youngsville High and Eisenhower have been rivals for some time. They beat us at our homecoming game, but if that wasn't bad enough, tires were slashed, and then later, the kids came back to our school and broke windows. I really think that if kids cannot behave any better than that, they should not be allowed to play.

Two fireman came in, pricing snow fence. I gave them the price, and they sighed, "Well, it's back to Lowe's then." Their price was three dollars lower, and every dollar counts for the small volunteer fire departments. "Stop right there," I commanded. "You're not going anyplace. We do price matching." And they stayed put and bought three rolls of fencing and blabbed a while too.

A little boy, came up to chatter away with me, and another customer sighed that we did not have a German Shepherd calendar 'You have all kinds of dog calendars, all kinds of horse calendars, even outhouse calendars...just everything. Why not German Shepherd calendars?' she wanted to know. "We do," I said, and I dug one up. I fed biscuits to dogs, and talked to little folk about how school was going. I saw an old farmer I knew from when I worked at the Conservation District. He was buying his wife a lawn mower. "Aw!" I said, "You are the romantic one!" And he laughed.

I like that, being in a small store where people know my name, and not just because it's written on my apron. I like that I know them as well. I like being able to visit with folks. An elderly woman said, "I always thought this would be a fun store to work in."

It is. It really is. It was nice to be finished with practicals at school, to be able to relax, to have a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy myself, and today, at work, I enjoyed myself a lot.


Scotty said...

And you just gotta know that I love how you took care of those fireman, right?


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Loving one’s vocation is a priority for me. when the work ceases to be fun, i move onto another skill set and get happy again.

Debby said...

Remember, Scotty ~ we price match.

Lynda: you are very fortunate to live a life where those choices are possible.

Kelly said...

You meet such an interesting variety of folks! No wonder you love working there so much.