Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

Yesterday, I went into work to begin setting the Christmas area. (Yeah. I know. It is not even close to Halloween yet.) It was voluntary. Everyone has been working so hard. We've lost a person. We have two people out for surgery. A rotten cold has been going around. The people that are left behind are working their hindends off and need a break. I, on the other hand, have people working around my school schedule and basically being like the little queen of the Tractor Supply, which makes me embarrassed.

So when the manager said, "We're just going to have to pull an all nighter and get that display set up," I looked around the room, and I saw some weary, weary faces. "I can do it after school on Wednesday," and the boss took me up on it. The new girl, Sam, volunteered to help get the 5 pallets of stuff up on shelves too.

I went dragging into work last night at 7 PM. I was tired. I'd fallen asleep on the couch after coming home from the practical and getting Tim off to work, and it had taken everything in my power to get up and moving. Bob looked at me. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Why?" I mumbled. "Your eyes are bloodshot." I assured him that I hadn't been drinking or doing drugs. "I just woke up," I said.

Anyways, a woman comes along. She's a tall, skinny woman, a good looking woman. Kind of scary looking, tattooed, doesn't take any nonsense. She admires me greatly, because she was there at the store the day I told an ignorant, loud, and vulgar customer to get out of my store or I'd call the police. She liked that a lot. I think that she thought when I tore out around my counter after him that I was going to kick his butt. I wasn't. I was just making sure that he did not lay a hand on that boy of his.

Anyhow, I digress. She motions me over, and I burst out laughing. There, nestled in her cleavage, were two of the tiniest bunnies you ever saw in your life. They looked content, half asleep. Their little ears twitched when I spoke, and their eyes opened a moment or two. Turns out she'd stopped to make a purchase with some Amish, and they had these bunnies for sale. She was sure that they were not old enough to be weaned. She felt so sorry for the tiny things she took them on the spot. She stopped by the store, and was buying all manner of things for bunnies. I helped her load up her cart.

Anyhow, she pulls her cart up to the register, and she's standing there at the front of the cart. There's a tiny old lady in front of her standing behind hers. The old lady squinted, and then peered closely at the woman's chest. She exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! Are those real?"

There was a guy passing by whose head just about pivoted off his shoulders.

I about fell on the floor laughing.


Kelly said...

This is hilarious!!! I would love to have witnessed ALL of that!

A Novel Woman said...

BEST STORY EVER!!! You made my day!

Mikey said...

That is THE BEST story, lol. Best place to keep those critters too. Great story!

Debby said...

Well, Mikey, it was cold here and those bunnies were so tiny. I think that it probably was the warmest place she could have kept them, and they looked so cozy and comfortable peeking out of her vee-neck tee.

BB said...

Awesome! Did the guy get to know what the old woman was actually referring to, or did he go off thinking y'all were comparing cup sizes? And you know (you KNOW what I am going to say) I would have taken PHOTOS! Gold.

KarenTX said...

I was howling at work yesterday reading this, but couldn't comment from there! grrrrrrrrr! And I was at TSC yesterday afternoon late, and there wasn't ANYONE there as fun as you!

Pencil Writer said...

You do seem to have extraordinary experiences, Debby. And I don't think ANYONE could have made up a story like that even if they wanted to! It made me laugh out loud. Thank you so much for sharing all your work stories at the TSC! They are priceless!

PaintedPromise said...

book! Book!! BOOK!!!!!!!

Debby you have GOT to compile these TSC stories into a book!!!