Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

Today an older couple came in. I said, "Would you like to donate a dollar to the 4H today?" and the woman quickly replied, "Do you want to donate a dollar for hospice?" I told her that she ought to come in and talk to our manager. We do stuff like that sometimes.

Anyhow, I was ringing stuff up, and I commented that the husband looked kind of ornery. The wife burst out laughing. She said, "He hates to shop." I leaned forward and said, in a confidential kind of way, "Yeah. It shows." She laughed again. The man rolled his eyes and made impatient noises. The woman said affectionately that she wouldn't trade him. I said, "I wouldn't trade mine either. I'm pretty lucky. You know, I really do believe that the best thing you can bring to a marriage is a sense of humor." She agreed quickly. I said, "As hard as you two are laughing, well, I think you're going to make it." The man said, "We've been married 40 years. I always say that I wouldn't trade her for a million dollars. I also say I wouldn't take another one like her if they were giving 'em away." The woman laughed again.

Well, they left and I thought how folks like that brighten up a day. Next thing I know the woman was back. Her husband had forgotten to bring the 10% coupon in with them. "Oh, that man!" I said. "I see he didn't even come back in with you." "No," she said, laughing once more. "He's hiding out in the car."

While I was adjusting her bill, my nephew came in and called out to me, some sarcastic thing. I snotted back to him. I said to Virginia, "That's my nephew there." She called out "Where's de-niece?" and he looked confused, but stopped. That was his first mistake. It popped into my head to have a little fun.

"Jim," I said, "Do you remember cousin Virginia?"

He looked closely. "No," he said.

"You don't?" I said. "Really? Well, she's a relative...Virginia? This is Anna's oldest. You probably haven't seen him in years."

She exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh! Really. This is Jim? How is your mother?"

Jim stood there looking gobsmacked for a minute, but then Virginia blew it. "She still sing in the church choir?" she asked. The gig was up. She doesn't sing any better than I do, and is definately not now, nor has she ever been in the church choir. And the three of us burst out laughing.

It felt good to be goofy. Even 'cousin' Virginia said so walking out the door. She really enjoyed shopping at such a cheerful store.


Scotty said...

I'm always grateful for my sense of humour - without it, I think I would have kicked the bucket from stress years ago. Great post, Debby.


BUSH BABE said...

LOL - and I bet they love having you there!

Kelly said...

I loved the man's comments after stating they'd been married 40 years!

Lori said...