Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is the key to our house.

The old brass hardware was taken off the door, and padlocks placed on it when the place was foreclosed up. The locks and knobs were all placed in a pile. Looking around, Tim found a ring full of skeleton keys. He had a hunch, and his hunch was right. He painstakingly took the lock all apart, and reassembled it, and it worked. Only problem? This isn't a key you can get duplicated by walking into Lowes.

Just seems really real that we are moving. My sister came up to help pack, and we went from one room to another, boxing things up, taking pictures off the wall, finding memories tucked away in drawers, sealing these things up in boxes for their trip out of the woods, I was surprised to discover that for all my excitement about the move, I was feeling a little sad, too. I was glad for the company of my sister.


BUSH BABE said...

THAT is what family are for! Excited (and understanding the sad) for you.


Pencil Writer said...

I've move so many times in my life, but I've lived in this house now for over 25 years. NEVER EVER been a house that long or anywhere near that long before. Longest prior to this one was just a little under 7 years. But I can relate to your feelings. There is the excitement of "new" mixed with the melancholy of "old and comfortable" each tugging on you. It's nice your sister was there to help on all levels. I love the key. Wonder if there's not a cool locksmith somewhere nearby that could help you with making another matching key.

Mikey said...

So cool! I bet a locksmith or blacksmith could make you another key like that. That's old hardware right there! Very excited for the times to come in your new house :)

A Novel Woman said...

You probably need to have a wax impression made and then another key poured, no? Maybe a dentist could do it. (wink)

Like Pencil Writer, I've moved a lot in my life but have been in this house for 23 years, the longest time ever. But we too are considering moving downtown, now that the kids are grown. Wonder if Yutha will come help me pack?

Anonymous said...

You can buy skeleton keys at Lowe's. There are not many variations, but maybe you'll get lucky.

Also, check flea maekwts and ebay.

Kelly said...

I love that key!!