Friday, October 14, 2011

Thinking Twice

My friend Mary feeds the birds. Black oil sunflower seed is pretty darn expensive these days, over $30 for a 50 lb bag at my store. Our latest sale began Wednesday, and those 50 lb bags were on sale for $24 dollars. Unfortunately, Mary is busier than a one armed paper hanger up on her mountain, and wasn't going to be in town, so I stopped in to pick up a hundred pounds of bird seed and a dozen suet cakes for her.

Ryan, the expectant father at our store, greeted me cheerfully, and said, "You're a little early aren't you?" I said, "I'm off today. Work tomorrow." He looked doubtful. Which made me doubtful. "Maybe I better go double check that schedule," I muttered.

Gosh. I am sure glad that I stopped in to pick up Mary's birdseed. I had a good night at work.

We have begun to move stuff into the house. I'm being kind of ruthless about what we keep and what we get rid of. My sister Anna said, "Oooh. These dishes are pretty." I said, "Want 'em? Somebody gave them to me for Buddy and Brianna, but they don't need them. I was going to take them to Goodwill." She admired the pretty china pattern, dainty little pastel flowers, turning them this way and that. "No," she said reluctantly, and set them aside. Half a minute later, she said, "But these really do match your house...."

I looked at them again. They are beautiful. Suddenly I could seem them in the cupboard. I could see the family eating holiday meals off them.


They fit pretty nicely up on the top shelf of the dish cupboard. I still have plenty of room for the everyday stuff.

You know, yesterday, in the paper they critiqued a movie, a full quarter page review of a movie called 'The Human Centipede'. I glanced at it, briefly. We don't see a lot of movies here, not until later, when they come out of DVD, but this movie was such a disgusting and gross concept that I was, plainly and simply, shocked. Why was this movie made? It was described as 'artistic'. I tried to imagine how a story like that could be portrayed artistically. I went on line. Big mistake. The movie is not art. It benefits no one. Some of the comments left were the work of sick minds. There were video links to other disturbing stuff.

We live in an ugly and twisted world. I knew that. But seeing the proof of it has disturbed me more than I can say.

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Scotty said...

Yeah, I remember reading something about that - sometimes I just don't get what passes for art as well, Debby.